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How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Competency - Case Study Example

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This paper "How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Korea’s National Competency" discusses the culture of South Korea, it is observed that it is mainly dominated by Buddhism and Christians. Korean Confucianism is strongly influenced by the practices of these faiths…
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How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Competency
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Extract of sample "How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Competency"

Download file to see previous pages In Asia, South Korea is the 4th largest economy and is 15th largest in the whole world. The economy wholly depends on export, focusing on productions like automobiles, electronics, ships, robotics, petrochemicals, and machinery. South Korea has been one of the leading members of WTO, G-20, the United Nations and etc.

In terms of education, it can be said that the literacy rate South Korean male is that of 99.2% and female is 96.6%, according to the census of 2002. Education is treated as crucial for being successful, and therefore consequently competition is heated and fierceful. In the year 2006, the program for the International Student Assessment by OECD, South Korea ranked first in solving problems and was ranked third in mathematics and eleventh in science. The education system of South Korea is technically advanced and it is one of the world's first countries to introduce high-speed internet-enabled with optical-fiber broadband accessed to all primary and high schools throughout the nation. Taking this infrastructural facility, it has developed its first digitally equipped textbooks nationwide, which is going to be distributed free to all primary and also secondary schools worldwide by the year of 2013 (CIA, n.d.).

South Korea opts for a new program of education to increase foreign students by 2010. Ministry of Education says that the number of scholarships for foreign students will be increasing at a rapid pace which will reach approx 1,00,000 by this year (Asian Info, n.d.).
The Korean textiles and clothing industry has a main role in the country’s growth. However, this sector’s competitiveness is declining due to labor costs.  For the country’s economic expansion, spirited factors need to be deliberately developed.  The idea of this study is to discover what country’s competitiveness in the worldwide clothing market is after declining its labor competitiveness and the country’s efficiency in achieving it. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Com Case Study)
How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Com Case Study.
“How Culture and Education System Strengthen South Koreas National Com Case Study”.
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