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Features Of The Employee Absence Management - Dissertation Example

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The aim of the paper "Features Of The Employee Absence Management" is to identify how much of absenteeism attributed to sickness and to identify the most suitable methods to reduce absenteeism at the James Cook University Hospital site of Sovereign Hospital Services, a branch of Carillion PLC…
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Features Of The Employee Absence Management
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Extract of sample "Features Of The Employee Absence Management"

Download file to see previous pages A man may not come or go as he pleases; he may always apply for leave to the foreman, but if he leaves without notice, then, on his return, the reasons for his absence are carefully investigated and are sometimes referred to the Medical Department. If his reasons are good, he is permitted to resume work. (Ford 1922/2005)
SHS employ circa 950 staff at the JCUH site, in a facilities management role. In such a service providing role, the employees represent the single largest expense to the business, and as such, the cost absenteeism can be a huge burden upon resources. As a result, the organization is extremely interested in the most effective way to reduce levels of absence.
The CIPD Annual Survey Report (2009) cited the average absence per employee as 7.4 days per year, with the average cost per employee, per year as £692. Now whilst this already represents a significant cost to any employer, the most readily comparable figure for rates of absence in the CIPD report, was Public Sector Health, (this being particularly relevant, as many of SHS’s employees had transferred from the NHS) which showed an absence rate of 4.8% resulting in an average of 11 days lost per year per employee. As the sickness rate at JCUH has been fluctuating between 7% and 8%, this is clearly above the national average and makes it of particular concern.
Additionally, these figures only demonstrate the cost of the absence per employee, and do not consider any extra expenses incurred with having shifts covered by another employee, possibly on enhanced overtime rates of pay, nor do they consider any loss of service, or goodwill that may result from high levels of absence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I will not attend your class, as I will be taking care of my siblings who are still not able to take of themselves.
I am sorry I did not keep you updated on our progress regarding the assignment you assigned us. Recently, Williams and I were working on the assignment and it is quite a delight to tell you that things are okay. The Senior Student Advisor; Liz Shepherd, the Course Leaders; Dr. Gabor and Chris Griffthsa are all aware of my case. However, if my situation allows me then I promise not to be late by even a second for your class. I hope you will consider my apology email and grant it.

 Thank you for your kind consideration. 

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