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The Efficient Work of the Organization - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Efficient Work of the Organization" focuses on the ability of an organization to work effectively which is interdependent on various factors in the work environment. A large component that changes the ability for a business to develop and succeed is based on the teamwork. …
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The Efficient Work of the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages When analyzing the personal Wal – Mart that was encountered through a past job, was also an understanding of how the leadership and individual skills, as well as the external environment, created specific changes within the team.
The first concept that applies to the teamwork of the Wal – Mart comes from the individual skills, team roles and development of the team. When looking at these factors, they are most closely associated with the individual skills theory through Schein’s team working model. In this analysis, there are specific components that define how individual works together within a team (Schein 7, 2004). The department analyzed in this Wal – Mart had 10 individuals working together in the electronics section. Each had individual responsibilities, including stocking, helping customers and checking out individuals. For the team to work effectively, there was the need to have a level of awareness first, as stated by Schein’s team working model. The awareness included an understanding of the job in which each individual carried. This also involved knowing what the other employees were doing and what was required by the customers. The more that an individual could take a personal sense of awareness, the easier it was for the work to be completed. There were some individuals that were in the team that didn’t carry this role when working their job. The result was difficulty in creating a stronger team within the area.
The individual skills then led to different ways in which the person could work with others. Listening skills, feedback and negotiations were all included in this with daily needs. The most important individual in this specific set of skills was the manager, specifically because their awareness and information had to be given to others on the team. The manager would often go to others on the team and ask questions about improvement, change or other needs that were a part of the electronics section.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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