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Business Proposal for implementing MIS in the Company - Assignment Example

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The paper examines various benefits of an efficient management information system in the organization. It also provides a review of the current trends in the organization’s information management process.The operations face challenges because of the ineffective management information systems…
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Business Proposal for implementing MIS in the Company
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Extract of sample "Business Proposal for implementing MIS in the Company"

Download file to see previous pages Management information systems entail the use of computer software, hardware, and processes that facilitate the storage and management of information in an organization. Information management systems facilitate efficiency in the business by enhancing business processes and procedures. In addition, they enable the business to provide efficient customer service, which is necessary for a competitive market. The organization is able to keep track of transactions and employees’ performance through effective management information systems. Moreover, information management systems enable the management to make multiple decisions regarding business operations effectively. Information management systems generally facilitate the creation, acquisition, and storage of information in the organization (Shajahan and Priyadharshini, 2004). Public relations companies enhance organizations’ public relations by providing the media with appropriate and promotional information regarding their clients. The adoption of efficient management information systems in various departments of a public relations agency facilitates the efficient and effective acquisition and management of information. In addition, the systems enhance sufficient and reliable research on the position of media regarding a client. Information systems provide the company with an overview of various public relations procedures required by a particular business. It also enables the organization to acquire information regarding the level of their clients’ public relations. The implementation of effective management information systems in the organization promotes efficiency and accuracy with respect to research and the dissemination of information. The business proposal aims at providing concrete information regarding the benefits of adopting an effective information management system in the company’s research and communication department (Shajahan and Priyadharshini, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Business Proposal for Implementing MIS in the Company Assignment - 1)
Business Proposal for Implementing MIS in the Company Assignment - 1.
“Business Proposal for Implementing MIS in the Company Assignment - 1”, n.d.
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