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Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued by Vodafone PLC - Research Proposal Example

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"Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued by Vodafone PLC" proposal carries out an extensive literature survey and primary research to investigate the possible aspects that can have an impact on customer retention and thus have an effect on CRM strategy also…
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Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued by Vodafone PLC
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Extract of sample "Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued by Vodafone PLC"

Download file to see previous pages With the increased globalization and competition, it has become very difficult to maintain customer loyalty. The same has been experienced by UK mobile service providers. Customer retention is an acute problem for companies. It has been found that the lack of proper customer relationship management is mainly responsible for this global issue. Vodafone Group Plc, UK’s largest telecommunication company has been selected for undertaking the research to determine the root cause of this problem and to investigate other relevant reasons. A report of 2009 published by the company reveals that there are severe problems related to customer retention. It is well known that the mobile phone industry has boomed over the last eight years, enjoying average year-on-year subscriber growth of 24%. Past records say that at the beginning of the present century, only 12% of people used mobile all over the world and now the figure reached 50% of the global populace. (Wray, 2008).

It has been found that deregulations and technological advancements have facilitated a drastic rise in the consumer living style, with increased competition among the other players of the industry and that has significantly transformed the stability of the power in the industry. Because of this effective outcome, a continuous decline in customer loyalty has been noticed.

Customer relationship management creates a bridge between marketing strategies and information technology, aiming at constructing long-term profitability and relationship. This requires ‘information-intensive strategies’ which contains information about customers and is termed as ‘information-enabled relationship marketing’ (Glazer, 1997).

Customer relationship management not only helps in recording customer-related data effectively but also enhances the value of a customer and improved marketing strategies. All these factors have a direct impact on controlling the attrition problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued Research Proposal.
“Understanding of Customer Relationship Management Strategies Pursued Research Proposal”.
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