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Implementing of Organizational Change for Pearson Education - Term Paper Example

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This essay attempts to outline some of the implications of change by analyzing a short case study of an organization called Pearson Education which is a UK based publishing company and how it managed to implement its strategy which was adopted in 2000 to become a leader in the publishing industry…
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Implementing of Organizational Change for Pearson Education
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Extract of sample "Implementing of Organizational Change for Pearson Education"

Download file to see previous pages Implementing a new order in an organization is concerned with the change of the current operating system and in most cases, change is met with resistance by many employees as a result of many factors. For the initiative to be successful, there is a need for effective change management which can be achieved through re-orientation of the workers through the provision of basic training and development which would be closely monitored upon implementation as going to be illustrated using the lessons learned from the case study of Pearson Education. 
According to Datamonitor (2007), Pearson Education is a global publishing company which focuses its operations in education, business information, and consumer markets. In the given case study, it can be noted that the main challenges that affected the operations of Pearson Education in the 1990s include competition, in some instances bookshops, were unable to stock sufficient books in demand and the other problem noted is that the market is still weak in developing countries. As noted, the major competitors in the publishing industry include McGraw-Hill, Reed Elsevier, and Thomson as well as other niche publishers. For instance, the mentioned competitors are also major forces to reckon with in the publishing industry at the international level. Competition is a major challenge that often affects the viability of any organization Woodman (1995). During the 1990s, the organization underscored to diversify its operations mainly through the use of new information and communication technology in order to achieve its commercial goal. Against this background, this study mainly seeks to analyze concepts such as leadership, creativity, and innovation in an attempt to establish how the organization managed to achieve its change strategy in the face of the external challenges surrounding it.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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