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Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Industry - Coursework Example

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The author of "Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Industry" paper applies management theory into practice in the early childhood industry, especially in the context of women leaders. Management issues play a significant role in the academic sector…
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Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Industry
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Extract of sample "Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Industry"

Download file to see previous pages As pointed out in a study by Osgood and Halsall (2007) where they carried out research to examine the position of women in leadership or management positions, a “glass ceiling” exists for women in the academic setting, which could significantly impair motivation. Since many of the individuals employed in the early education sector are women, addressing this issue is even more important because these individuals are faced with the difficult task of shaping young minds while also dealing with the problems associated with the actual physical care of very young children. The quality of professionals in this sector is vital because it impacts the growth and development of the children that they care for. The degree of involvement in a job contributes to the feelings of self-satisfaction that are generated at any workplace, which transmit positively to the customers or the people that the employees of the organization are working with. Job involvement is the degree to which the total job situation is perceived to be the major source of satisfaction and interest in an individual’s life [Lodahl and Kejner, 1965], and thereby indicates that a satisfied employee is one who perceives his job to be the central interest in his life.

The motivation of these employees is especially important, to ensure that work is performed well. Employees in the early childhood education sector are placed in a position where they are dealing with vulnerable young individuals and if they are not adequately motivated, they could end up causing more harm and damage if they choose to vent their frustrations on their young charges, or through their indifference. These professionals are in essence, shaping the individuals of the future; as a result, eliciting a good performance from them is important. This report applies management theory in specific relation to the motivation of employees working in the early childhood sector. The theories applied in this report include Fayol’s theory, Taylor’s scientific theory of management and Max Weber’s bureaucratic theory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Coursework, n.d.)
Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Coursework.
(Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Coursework)
Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Coursework.
“Management Theory and Practice in the Early Childhood Education Coursework”.
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