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Leadership in Its Your Ship by Captain D Michael Abrashoff - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Leadership in It’s Your Ship by Captain D Michael Abrashoff " discusses that the vision of the Captain was an efficient management and an effective supervision and this should be the vision of any other leader like him. This navy business book has assumed a biblical stature…
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Leadership in Its Your Ship by Captain D Michael Abrashoff
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Extract of sample "Leadership in Its Your Ship by Captain D Michael Abrashoff"

Download file to see previous pages The author happens to be one of the youngest captains in Navy’s Pacific fleet. ‘It’s Your Ship’ by Abrashoff is an inspiring story of a man who was at the helm of high-tech missile fighter ship, USS Benfold. He has penned down his unique management techniques that made his ship the best in the world of the navy. The documented techniques, which made Benfold become a model of naval efficiency, has made the author a legend and his book a legendary piece of non-fictional writing well recognized by Navy and non-Navy readers. When Captain Abrashoff took over the charge of the ship and crew, he noticed that several productive aspects were missing even though the fighter ship had the advantage of cutting-edge technology. The ship showed a sad picture with respect to performance and he wished to make radical changes so that productivity could be boosted up. Captain Abrashoff turned his fleet into a model by tapping on the productive potential of the personnel and the technology.
Increase profit and cut costs-should be the aim of any person who has donned the cap of leadership. Captain Abrashoff was an expert in this as he viewed the fleet from the eyes of the crew; he could feel their pulse. Disciplined sailors should be made to enjoy the tedious of jobs. His management techniques were based on common sense. The previous commander had left the crewmembers in the state of utter confusion- there was no faith, no trust and no mutual respect for each other. First and foremost he needed to change the attitude and mindset of the sailors He has to gain back the lost confidence and trust. He wanted to arm the fighter fleet with a passionate bunch of crewmembers. His aims flagged USS Benfold’s successful journey. His slogan “It’s your ship” motivated the sailors to undertake personal responsibility and collective responsibility for their work and efforts towards improvement of the ship. The techniques he undertook are reflected in the names of the chapters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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