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Michael Collins leadership - Assignment Example

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The aim of the paper “Michael Collins leadership” is to analyze Michael Collin’s leadership traits, his strength and weakness. The leadership model that he embrace that sets the bar high for him and everybody who works for him is definitely a good point as his leadership trait. …
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Michael Collins leadership
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Extract of sample "Michael Collins leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Michael Collin’s approach to leading the region is task oriented.  This means he prioritize and values the task or job more than his relationship with his people.  In his visit to the region, the orientation of his leadership is revealed where he cared less about the people and is more concern about tasks related concern such as the length of service, what they like about the company, areas of improvement and corporate culture.  In addition, Michael Collins also described himself as a Renaissance man who could do a lot of things but gets impatient with people.  I thought of Michael Collin’s leadership orientation as task oriented because he perceive the importance of job in terms of tasks and not of people. 
 If Michael Collin is a people oriented leader, he would have enjoyed his visit and interaction with his workers.   He would have differed in his assessment of his people where he would find the engagement more fruitful when his people trusted him enough to share frank information about the company and their job.  He would have asked how his people are feeling not only about their job but also with their coworkers and their boss.  I did not think Michael Collins as people oriented leader because he did not value much their opinion and suspected their motive.
3. How might an understanding of individualized leadership be useful to Collins with respect to his relationship with marketing versus store personnel? 
Individualized leadership is a leadership whereby the leader has a strong interpersonal relationship. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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