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The Leadership Experience - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Leadership Experience" attempts to look at effective business communication skills. Communication is crucial for any business because business involves constant communication with stakeholders. Coordination of many people is required for goods and services to be created and exchanged…
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The Leadership Experience
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Extract of sample "The Leadership Experience"

The Leadership Experience
Communication is crucial for any business because business involves constant communication with other stakeholders. Coordination of many people is required for goods and services to be created and exchanged. Intense communication is hence required. This paper attempts to look at effective business communication skills.
Task 1
From Vicente Ruiz actions and his conversation with Chuck Moore, it is evident that cultural attitudes towards communications are different between Mexicans and Americans. For Americans, use of email to convey a message seems okay regardless of urgency or nature of the message. Chuck Moore easily chooses to email Vicente to convey his message (Daft, 2015). Mexicans, on the other hand, are seen to be of the belief that a telephone call is more effective where matters of urgency are concerned. This is shown by Vicente in his complaint call to Chuck where he says that his secretary figured that if the problem were urgent a direct call should have been placed to him.
Americans are also seen to prefer long and detailed answers to their questions/mail as opposed to short, straight-to-the-point answers (Daft, 2015). Chuck fumes when he receives a short reply, worse still from the secretary.
Americans seem to prefer personal replies from the person addressed and not from personal assistants and other persons. Chuck is angered by the act of Vicente's secretary answering his email to him. Mexicans have no problem with messages being replied on their behalf. Vicente says that his secretary always replies his mail, and he does not seem to find anything wrong with that (Daft, 2015).
Task 2
The main purpose of Chuck's communication to Vicente was to urge him to ensure that the deadline for supplying the toys that Hunter Worth had placed an order for was met.
The main purpose of Chuck's communication to Michael Sato seems to have been to lodge a complaint about what seemed to him like lack of commitment and seriousness by Vicente towards meeting the deadline.
While choosing his channel of communication with Vicente, Chuck should have considered the following factors:
Urgency: As the matter at hand was urgent and required an immediate response, a telephone call would have been more effective.
Confidentiality: By making a telephone call, he would get to speak to Vicente in person as opposed to emails that may be answered by anyone.
On his communication with Sato, Chuck should have considered:
Confidentiality: A call would have been more discreet. Sato is seen to have forwarded the mail to Vicente's bosses, leading to conflict.
Nature of relationship: Considering that Sato and Chuck were personal friends, he would have been comfortable speaking to him in person or calling him on his personal cellphone as the issue being reported to him does not seem to have been intended to be official.
Task 3
If I were Chuck, I would have made a call to Vicente instead of sending him an email. This would have conveyed the message with the urgency required. I would also have the assurance that I would speak to him in person as opposed to if I sent an email. His emails are seen to be answered by his secretary. A call would have been more effective in conveying the criticality of the issue at hand too.
To make sure that the delivery was made in time, I would have first worked on restoring a good working relationship with Vicente as clearly it had been destroyed. By making amends, I would have an assurance that he would attend to my order with the urgency it requires.
Task 4
The following would be helpful as Chuck dealt with the challenge of motivating Vicente to more faithfully meet his deadlines:
Avoiding nagging him by all means as this would further demotivate him.
Recognition of Vicente's efforts even while urging him to be faster.
Offering early completion incentives (Latham, 2004): this would motivate him to work harder to complete his tasks earlier.
Clearly stating his expectations and urgency of the matter. This would compel Vicente to work faster.
Use of autonomy as motivation: Sometimes trusting one to work in the way they know best always yields good results (Latham, 2004).

Daft R.L. (2015) The leadership experience (6th ed.) Mason OH: Cengage. ISBN 978-1-133-58631-9
Latham, Gary P. "The motivational benefits of goal-setting." The Academy of Management Executive 18.4 (2004): 126-129. Read More
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