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Opening up Kazakh restaurant in Oxford - Research Paper Example

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 This paper tries to analyze the important factors and their impact in determining the success or otherwise of a proposed Kazakh restaurant that is to be opened at Oxford. This paper analyses the key to the commercial success of such a venture…
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Download file to see previous pages The basic idea is to keep revenue expenditure to the minimum till the restaurant expands to a size where outside labor becomes imperative and the cash inflows also reach a level where such revenue expenses can be met without much difficulty.
The second assumption is there are no full-fledged Kazakh restaurants in and around Oxford (though there may be restaurants that serve Kazakh dishes). This rules out immediate competition from a similar eatery though competition from other eating houses of Central or Far Asian origin remains a potential hurdle that could be crossed only through sound brand positioning and brand building techniques.
Any enterprise needs a mission statement that justifies its existence and encourages stakeholders to strive towards achieving it. A Kazakh restaurant in Oxford should do well to have a mission statement that not only does justice to the region’s marvelous cuisine but also highlights the legendary hospitality of Kazakhstan. (Johnson, Scholes, & Whittington, 2005)
Once the mission statement is formulated, a proper name for the establishment has to be coined – a name that instantly recalls some unique feature of Kazakhstan. One good name might be ‘yurt’ – those cone-shaped tents that were once the principal form of residences of nomadic Kazakhs. A photograph of a modern yurt complete with all modern amenities – ones that tourists frequently come across in Kazakhstan – might serve as a very potent logo of this restaurant. This will not only encourage Kazakhs residing in and around Oxford to throng this place to get a feel of home away from home but also lend an air of authenticity that might wean away a large number of non-Kazakh customers from restaurants serving Afghan or Chinese cuisine or those serving the ubiquitous Indian curry.
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