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Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison - Essay Example

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This paper "Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison" focuses on the fact that the author's externship was with Chandler Kamart Pharmacy located in Melbourne, suburbs of Doncaster East, Blackburne Road, Doncaster. There are a variety of shops surrounding the pharmacy. …
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Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison
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Extract of sample "Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison"

Download file to see previous pages The pharmacist is also the justice of the peace.

Comparing this pharmacy with the Campbell pharmacy, the Chandler pharmacy is located in a much busier area, hence there are more shops and more people in the vicinity. There are more medically related establishments in the Chandler pharmacy than in the Campbell pharmacy, hence there are more patients buying their medicines in the Chandler pharmacy. Both pharmacies have similar conveniences for their customers. They are located near a bus stop and taxi ranks, and a car park is available within the vicinity of both pharmacies.

The Chandler Kamart pharmacy is a very busy pharmacy with three full-time pharmacists and 8 pharmacy assistants working in one shift. With more patients in the city to cater to, it is good to note that the pharmacy is adequately staffed. There is rarely a shortage of pharmacists needed to care for the large number of patients who frequent the pharmacy at most times of the day. There are four stations dispensing medications and ample space is provided for each pharmacist to perform with completeness and accuracy. There is also a private section where the patient can measure his blood pressure and/or cholesterol level. With these four stations, the patients are able to spend quality time with their pharmacists without the pressure of having to rush through their time due to inadequate space or time in the pharmacy. I noticed that the pharmacists personally and patiently explain to the patient what his medications are and how he/she is supposed to take them. And with adequate space in the pharmacy, the patients do not have to crowd the counter to buy their medicines and be advised by the pharmacist. They have privacy to consult and seek advice and be advised by the pharmacist on what medication best suits their needs. By teaching the patient about his medication, he is made aware of the purpose and the importance of compliance with medication and of following directions in medication intake.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison Essay.
(Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison Essay)
Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison Essay.
“Quality Use of Medicines - Pharmacy Comparison Essay”.
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