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The pharmacist - Essay Example

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This essay is aimed to signify not only my great intent to enter your prestigious academic institution and taking the pharmacy degree, but also to show why I would be a prime candidate to become a pharmacist by profession.
Perhaps the two greatest life experiences that led me in developing not just a desire, but a dream of entering the profession of pharmacy are career impact of my father to me and the other experiences and interests I have acquired through school and work as a Registered Nurse.
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The pharmacist
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"The pharmacist"

Download file to see previous pages Through my father, I realized that I want to go down that same path, and be a beacon of goodness to others through a caring career in serving the community. I have always thought that as a pharmacist, I have the unique opportunity in dealing with people of all kinds, with many different afflictions or needs. I think that a pharmacist plays a key role not only in bringing the customer the proper medication, but also in providing good service, and in small ways trying to give cheer and good will to them. It would be such a joy to see a customer return and seeing the improvements in their health.
Second, my academic and other career experiences have further prompted me to seek a career in pharmacy. I have always had a love for science, especially in chemistry. As I have mentioned earlier, I am a Registered Nurse and through my work, I have seen how certain medications work with certain afflictions and with different people, and that I find fascinating. It is very interesting to know that each human body is unique, and react differently to a variety of medication. Some times I see practically miracles being performed through the proper medicine, other times are more challenging. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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