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Tackling substance misuse - Essay Example

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Substance Misuse and Appropriate Intervention College Date Substance Misuse and Appropriate Intervention Introduction There are intricacies involved in the understanding of substance misuse. Issues on patients, prescription, access to substances, and even laxity and improper intervention on the part of medical practitioners may be seen…
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Tackling substance misuse
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Download file to see previous pages Background One of the more pressing issues in health care intervention is the issuance, administration or prescription of drugs for patients. There has always been a continuing challenge about dispensation, dosage, supervision, as well as effect on patient so that medical practitioners, pharmacists, and their team have to be wary of several considerations prior to any action that relies administration to the patient or his / her immediate carer, or even in controlled setting. Reaction to drug or substance misuse vary leading to ideologically driven approaches in medicalization, treatment, decriminalisation, and even use of the criminal justice for quasi treatment. Other propositions such as harm minimisation and harm reduction were also considered with the understanding that use of substance is inevitable (Bevan, 2009). People with severe mental illness, group of individuals with complex needs and a varied range of problems are usually the concern for ‘dual diagnosis’ and co-morbidity related to substance misuse or abuse. It was suggested that many problems related to substance misuse are linked to ill-prepared services that deal with these conditions. Bevan (2003) observed that Public Health treatment for substance misuse should understand that those who receive treatment are of chronic and frequently relapsing condition. Perception of treatment should move away from an individualistic approach to an understanding of the many and varied relationships as part of treatment rationale. Focus should also be given on minimising the harm associated with drug use. Prescribing policies for opiate replacement should also be considered instead of abstinence as prescribed doses of methadone have demonstrated positive results. “The reduction in drug related deaths, as a result of the reduced frequency of accidental overdoses, and the wider population health gains when treatment and interventions are flexibly delivered is further evidence that the health of populations can be improved with public health based strategies for substance misuse,” (Bevan, 2003), P 19). People should not be seen as failures when relapse occur for substance misuse. Various conditions influence substance misuse and these should be taken as a whole and not in part to fully understand the patient as well as provide a more effective and holistic intervention approach. Likewise, Bevan (2009) noted that curing should not be the focus as an over emphasis on moving people on, through and out of treatment usually results in the revolving door phenomena. Substitute prescribing has been offered a possible solution to address issue on substance misuse. Engaging the individual as member of a wider society and members of dynamic social groups with families, friends and acquaintances should be a public health consideration in addressing this issue (Bevan, 2009). Substance Misuse and Problematic Drug Use Problematic drug use and misuse occurs when individuals experience a range of unwanted and negative consequences as a result of their drug use (Brown, 2007). Problems may be social, psychological, physical or legal resulting from regular or excessive consumption, intoxication and/or dependence on any substance. The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (2002) observed that these individuals often attempts to achieve stability or abstinence but relapse is usually a problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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