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Advanced Substance Misuse Treatment Interventions - Essay Example

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The term substance abuse can be defined as an excessive use of addictive substances.Due to its misuse,the functioning of ones body and mind can alter resulting in adverse social consequences,such as failure to meet work,family,or school obligations…
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Advanced Substance Misuse Treatment Interventions
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Download file to see previous pages Similar to other substance abuses, alcohol leads to misconduct, unacceptable social behavior, and impairment of an individual's performance of duty, physical or mental health,financial responsibility or personal relationships.It is not understandable why some people develop alcohol use troubles and others do not, although there is a strong hereditary link. Firstly, alcohol is often used to pacify pain or hide insecurities. Over time, abuse and dependence can build up.Many people often fail to understand the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse occurs when the drinker frequently drink alcohol even though it causes significant problems in the drinker's life.Abuse disrupts the drinker's relationships, causes the drinker to miss work,and neglect personal and work obligations. It can lead to legal problems,such as being arrested for disorderly conduct or drinking while driving.The drinker doesn't have to drink daily or drink large amounts of alcohol to have an abuse problem.Whereas if alcohol abuse continues, it can lead to dependence - a physical and emotional addiction to alcohol. The drinker may not be able to quit drinking on the drinker's own, even when the drinkers want to. With dependence, the drinker feel forced to drink, and it dominates the drinker's life. ...
The drinker may get irritable, start to vomit, sweat and shake when the drinker are unable to drink or try to quit on the drinker's own.
Alcohol abuse can be present if these symptoms exist: One of the early signs of an alcohol problem is having blackouts-periods of time where the drinker were awake but do not remember what occurred while the drinker were drinking. For example, the drinker is injured while drinking but don't remember how it happened. Having unexplained injuries related to alcohol use or continue to drink despite the problems it causes. The person may also become physically aggressive when intoxicated. Many people who abuse alcohol deny they have a problem and consider themselves "social drinkers" because they do not drink every day. Alcohol abuse can develop in a short time or gradually over the drinker's lifetime. In the beginning, the drinker's drinking may not appear to be any different from the way other people drink. Some people drink only occasionally but drink a lot (binge drinkers), which can lead to alcohol abuse. Over time, the drinker's drinking may become a way for the drinker to feel normal or to cope with life's problems.
There are certain risk factors which increase the chance of alcohol abuse. Having a family history - this includes a genetic link - and exposure to alcohol at a place where the person grows up. Using alcohol at an early age proves to be dangerous because the earlier the exposure, the higher the risk of developing alcohol use problems as an adult. Using or abusing other substances such as nicotine, illegal drugs, or prescription medications may also increase abuse of alcohol.
Treatment and Cure
Although several innovative substance abuse counseling strategies have emerged recently, none have exhibited greater promise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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