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Diversity Management and the Tool for Eliminating Discrimination - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes Diversity Management and the Tool for Eliminating Discrimination. This paper outlines different conflicts, principals and development of diversity management, recruitment alternatives, possible barriers, and potential benefits…
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Extract of sample "Diversity Management and the Tool for Eliminating Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages There are a number of benefits of managing the workplace diversity but it will only happen if possible barriers are halted. We will further elaborate on our opinion in this whole study. The purpose of this study is to assemble a list of writings which address diversity issues as they relate to various aspects of business and employment. It elaborates the potential barriers which may hamper in managing diversity, different theories and quoted are included in this study which makes it more interesting. This study shows that what are the positive points of diversity management and how diversity management enhances the performance of the individuals as well as the organization. It will develop the skills which are essential to managing a workforce team. In this article, we will study how a diversified work team enhances the productivity of an organization and how we can mitigate the hazards of diversity.nOrganizations are formed with a major aim to earn profits but to earn profits, dedication and hard work is required, apart from compelling the employees to do the work. Management or the managers are supposed to manage their employees and their work in a professional manner which is ethical and appreciable as well. Proper management will ultimately increase the performance and motivate the employees because according to Steven Kopin self-motivated employees are more productive and dedicated rather than the unmotivated ones. The most important human activity is managing. Ever since people began forming groups to accomplish aims they could not achieve as individuals, managing has been essential to ensure the coordination of individual efforts. As society has come to rely increasingly on group effort, and as many organized groups have become large, the task of managers has been rising in importance. The aim of all managers is the same: “to create a surplus”.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management - Diversity

...? Gil Broochian Your Official Baruch College Email Address Diversity and diversity management are very important for all modern organizations, both for their public image and their success. A diversity training program should strive to obtain and educate the employees, among other objectives, the following: 1. Empathy towards one another: this entails that organizational employees are sensitive to the needs and differences of one another. If employees are empathetic towards one another, this results in good working relations among them. It is all but natural that employees work better in an environment where they feel they and their motivations are understood by others. Moreover, empathy can result in discouraging organizational... in the...
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Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace is the Responsibility of Management

... Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace is the Responsibility of Management Introduction Discrimination is a pervasive phenomenon in all human societies. It is not a unitary act but combinations of complex phenomenon and related forms of human behaviours and thus discrimination as a term cannot be comprehended. Discrimination in occupation and employment means treating people less favourably because of certain features and characteristics that are not related to the requirement of the job. Discrimination is one of the most common types of workplace harassment (Gee and Norton, 1999). With the growth of industries and...
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Diversity Management diversity in companies is encouraged for competitiveness, it entails a responsibility of handling a diverse culture to make use of this fashion in businesses. And in order to address this issue, European companies adapted diversity management such that inequality and discrimination in the workplace would be eliminated. There are evidences in the recent studies that diversity management has gained competitive advantage for the European companies practicing its theories. Addressing the individual differences of the members of the workforce, specifically of those who belong to the minority groups was...
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Diversity Management as a Tool For Eliminating Discrimination

... DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT A TOOL FOR ELIMINATINGDISCRIMINATION Table Of Content: Pages Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Overview of Management 3 Diversity and Its Conflict. 4 Gender Conflict 7 Race & Ethnicity Conflict 7 Age Conflict 7 Tenure Conflict 8 Educational Conflict 8 Diversity Management 9 Principal of Diversity Management. 9 Professional Development and Diversity Management. 11 Recruitment...
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Eliminating Human Resource Problems

...of production and product quality. The problems stated above indicates greater core concerns which should be looked into. These are not the real problems but merely symptoms of the company's failure to establish an organizational structure suited to its human resource. These problems can be attributed to the grievance and dissatisfaction of the workforce as their needs remained unmet. I have come up with four recommendations which you can do in order to enhance employee morale and product quality in your department: employee empowerment, more open communications, motivational tools, and employee evaluation. 1. Employee Empowerment. The traditional approach of leaving decisions to the managers is now...
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Eliminating Bias

...experiences unfairness, mistreatment and bitterness, which ultimately translate into poor performance. The reporting of these unfair treatments almost often goes futile with fear of being fired or increased discrimination. Management of human resource faces many challenges including management bias due to inherent human errors. Individual managers’ personality which is factor of several psychological development interactions is an issue almost beyond the junior worker’s control. This is therefore the reason why appropriate measures must be taken by the managers, to ensure that their management practices are favorable to all, regardless...
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...Diversity management Introduction The given paper is designed to analyze the article by Stephanie Dameron and Olivier Joffre “The good and the bad: the impact of diversity management on co-operative relationships”. The article concerns influence of cultural diversity on co-operative relationships. The authors of this article approached a discussion of cultural diversity at the workplace in a unique and interesting manner: they identify two forms of co-operation: ‘community based co-operation’, caused by human necessity to belong, and ‘complementary co-operation’, which is another connecting line in strategic resources (Dameron, Joffre)....
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Diversity management

...Diversity management Introduction One of the greatest tasks individuals face is communicating across differences resulting from different cultural diversity. There is always fear that exists that what an individual will intend to say will be understood in a way that they never meant it to be due to cultural differences in a team (Chauvet 2009, p. 221). My research team was composed of seven members that were four local students and three Chinese. Through the group activity, I have personally gained a lot from working with my research team on diversity management. The paper analyzes my self-awareness on cross-cultural issues and provides an insight into our chosen research topic ‘benefits and challenges of a cross-cultural team... ’. The...
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Diversity Management

...diversity management by The of the The of the School The and where it is located The Date Diversity management Introduction It would not be a mistake to suggest that living in the social environment should be regarded as an irreplaceable prerequisite for the development of the inner potential of a human being. Indeed, if it had not been for the presence of other people around a considerable number of features that are seen as characteristic would not have developed. However, it must be noted that such positive impact of the society can occur only in the lack of discrimination. Indeed, it often happens that some parts of the population are being...
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Valuing Diversity & Discrimination

...Valuing Diversity & Discrimination Table of Contents Task 1 Report 2 Introduction 2 Explanation and Examples of Different Types of Discrimination 3 a)Overt Discrimination 3 b)Covert Discrimination 3 c)Institutional Discrimination 4 Explanation and Examples of Discrimination Using Two Theories 5 Social learning Theory 5 Black Sheep Theory 5 Task 2 - Case Study 5 a) Explanation of Different Bases of Discrimination 6 b) Analysis of Statistics 8 c)Ways to Counteract Discrimination 9 Task 4 Report 9 Introduction 9 Role of Language in Social Interaction and...
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