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Language Diversity in International Management Teams - Essay Example

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The paper “Language Diversity in International Management Teams” looks at snow-skiing, which involves a wide variety of activities which can be easily compared to the human life cycle. During a person’s first ski lessons, the initial attempt to stand on the skis is quite awkward…
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Language Diversity in International Management Teams
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Download file to see previous pages Just like a delicate flower which has, for the first time, opened its brilliant petals in a show of defiance against the mundane, the skier illustrates their prowess for danger by their first hill selection.
The individual also looks for potential obstacles which can block their path on the way down, making a mental map to avoid various trees or boulders on their decided path. A skier is a strategist, paying careful attention to potential roadblocks and then determining the most appropriate course of least resistance.
A skier is a sea of troubles. All new skiers inevitably collide with others during their first trips down the mountain as they become familiar with their surroundings. Some laugh at their incompetence and others do not, much like in the real world where one cannot make everyone happy no matter how hard they attempt to do so.
A skier is a carnival ride. The beloved Octopus ride, with this gyrating and spinning two-man cars, lurches side to side and vertically, rocking the carnival scene with a wild presentation of shaking and the provision of laughing riders. A new skier who has not yet mastered the art of balance will flail their arms wildly about, lurching down the hill in the awkward frenzy, giggling at their own inefficiency as they gyrate down the slope.
Language plays a very important role in the critical thinking process, due largely to the fact that language is used to promote positive social interaction, improve interpersonal comprehension, and overcome certain social misunderstandings (Vogler, 2007). Critical thinking involves being able to assess the person’s environment or situation and look for an appropriate response or solution to the scenario by using logic, reasoning, persuasion, or simply good judgment based on social expectations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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