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Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre - Lab Report Example

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The paper "Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre" states that project planning of the Child Care Centre small database system is initiated for the better organizational project administration and handling. It will add value to the Child Care Centre project organizational activities…
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Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre
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Extract of sample "Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre"

Download file to see previous pages Scope, time and cost are the restrictions that are acting upon the project management progression. This constraint can also be connected with one of the knowledge areas of Project Management (Bass et al. 2003).
Project Management Plan: For effective project management, the basic step that should be taken is to collect the information that is necessary for developing the project plan and then make flowcharts for the plan (Kenneth, 1999).
Project Scope Management: takes account of the processes required to make certain that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully (Bass et al. 2003).
The project is a database project that will involve the development of the system that has the capability to manage and control the overall organizational information. This project has a team of five personnel comprising a Project Manager, Quality Engineer, Systems Analyst / Designer, and two Programmers. We have not a big team structure, so we need a model that can be feasible with such a team structure.
After the comprehensive research, I have decided to implement the Spiral model for this project implementation. The point behind the selection of the spiral model is its iterative way of software implementation. We can develop a huge application through a small team because we break the overall structure of the system into small workable parts. These small parts are developed iteratively and after that combined to a single big system (Sommerville, 2004).
The requirements of the new system are described in complete detail. This normally comprises gathering the information through the interviews. These interviews will be conducted with the main users of the system those can be external or internal to the existing system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre Lab Report.
(Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre Lab Report)
Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre Lab Report.
“Management Project of Happy Tots Child Care Centre Lab Report”.
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