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The Basis of the Primary Responsibility of Leaders and Staff of the Same Organisation - Research Paper Example

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This paper is an effort to study the relationship between two important factors of an organisation: leadership and productivity of employees. The research is based on the HWDC Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre. The researcher has tried to study the leadership styles of the leaders…
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Extract of sample "The Basis of the Primary Responsibility of Leaders and Staff of the Same Organisation"

Download file to see previous pages This study focuses on different aspects of the leadership behaviour of the managers. The project idea came from the experience of the researcher in the organisation HWDC Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre. The project is based on the organisation HWDC Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre. It is one of many Royal mail centres. However HWDC is very unique as it has a lot of machinery and specialises in getting most of the international mail out like PSM, FSM that is packet sorting machine and flats sorting machine. On the operational floor, HWDC has many different work areas for different managers. These managers have a different approach to the staff they look after. There are various factors that impact the business of HWDC. The business cycle of the organisation depends on factors of seasonality, weekdays and others. During peak hours of the day, the workload increases and the stress on managers and workers to perform also increase. The work environment on a single day varies. The managers need to take care of these aspects and keep the employees motivated and perform. A researcher could observe differences in the strategies and ways different manager were adopting in the organisation. This increased his curiosity to know how the different leadership styles of the managers are impacting the productivity of the employees. This particular though took shape of research when researcher got the opportunity to conduct a research. The researcher will try to establish a relationship with the productivity and leadership with each other. This is important to understand the role played by leadership on productivity.
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The Basis of the Primary Responsibility of Leaders and Staff of the Research Paper.
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