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Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization - Case Study Example

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This paper "Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization" discusses human capital that is the greatest asset of an organization today and is considered the intellectual capital. With high labor turnover, it becomes vital to manage knowledge…
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Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages Each individual has something to contribute but at times one person can make a difference to an organization.
Technology today has made it possible to retain and conserve knowledge and transmit it to other people in an organization. The knowledge that has been created by a single individual can be a powerful weapon when retained, transmitted, disseminated and applied. According to Nonaka, new knowledge begins with an individual (Chaston, Badger & Sadler-Smith, 1999). When the new knowledge is generated it is merged with the existing knowledge and new knowledge from other sources and provides the basis for new products and processes. Thus knowledge has been classified into two categories – explicit and tacit. Explicit knowledge can be acquired through formal education, books or through the internet. It is static and does not have the capacity to renew itself (Ehin, 2008). Tacit knowledge comes through experiences and the experience of one single individual can make a difference to the organization. The individual tacit knowledge characterizes the human capital of an organization. Tacit knowledge is the basis for the generation of new knowledge (Nonaka cited by Marwick, 2001).

This can be explained through an example. In the 1970s, Sony Corporation engineers were trying to produce a small, portable, aural recorder to be used by the reporters for recording interviews (Chaston, Badger & Sadler-Smith, 1999). When they were finished with the final design, the instrument had no provision for recording. They had almost abandoned the product and the project when the founder Masura Ibuka stepped in. he thought it produced an excellent sound and suggested that headphones be used instead of the speakers. He also added that battery life could be extended and people could use this as a portable device for listening to music. The managers and the engineers were resistant and apprehensive of its application but the founder exerted his influence and ensured that the machine was produced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization Case Study.
(Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization Case Study)
Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization Case Study.
“Can One Person Make a Difference in an Organization Case Study”.
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