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Six Sigma of Leadership and Motivation - Essay Example

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An essay "Six Sigma of Leadership and Motivation" outlines that involved in this study is the accompanying motivation of employees which Jack Welch unusually took advantage of for the growth and progress of both the people behind the success and the corporation itself. …
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Download file to see previous pages Jack Welch had contempt for the conventional function of management, which historically was seen as an organizational arrangement founded on dictatorship or control. Welch, on the contrary strongly believed that managers should be leaders. Rather than micromanaging workers, leaders should motivate and liberate them. Jack Welch employed communal values and employee motivation as the guiding premises for the General Electric organization. This research and analysis paper, will attempt to examine the leadership strategies employed by the Jack Welch in the management of one of the most successful corporations, General Electric through conducting interviews and surveys with the top management and the employees alike as well as reviewing secondary data from available literatures on the subject matter being studied, which is leadership strategies. In this paper, four organizational theories will be used in the analysis of secondary data, namely, scientific management, human relations, systems, and contingency theories. Moreover, the researcher will explore the motivation of employees which Jack Welch had unusually taken advantage of for the growth and progress of both the people behind the success and the corporation itself. In order to ascertain the extent of the effectiveness of Welch’s leadership, qualitative as well as quantitative approaches will be used. Moreover, the findings of this research will be consolidated to form a cohesive section for the recommendations to management in relation to contemporary leadership strategies as popularised by General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch. The recommendations to management will focus on leadership strategies in relation to improvement in strategic human resource and job design.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...and segmentation, technology building, product platform designing (CREVELING, SLUTSKY & ANTIS 2003:4). If our company has Annual Sales of $25 million which is derived from several product lines - would you recommend that we adopt Six Sigma. Yes, I recommend the company to adopt six sigma to improve the level of its operations as proven by the General Electric increase from 3.8 to 5.7 sigma level after employing the six sigma (ECKES 2003:9). I would also advise the company executives to be patient when applying the six sigma because failure to this would lead to short term results that...
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