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Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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This paper "Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human Resource Management" discusses HRM that is indeed this very significant unit which needs to be given proper weight and its acceptance is this pertinent to the functioning of other departments within the organization…
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Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Performance management systems make use of the fact that performance is increased on the part of all concerned and there is no shortfall as concerns to commitment, dedication, and devotion when at work. (Bilgin, 2007)

What this performance management system does is to ensure that the right people get the bonuses, incentives and so on as well as point out the ones who have fallen short on the company’s expectations over a period of time. This would help in giving them rewards and incentives which will eventually make one and all happy at the end. Also, this will continue their desire to achieve more and more within a specified period of time and thus come into the good books of the company. In return, they can be given all these rewards so that they could be encouraged in line with their work attitudes. Moreover, the people who lag behind with regards to their work schedules and dedication levels will stand up and take notice and thus would want to be counted as the effective and efficient ones within the company as well. The role of organizations in the maintenance of these systems is also very paramount. (Pulakos, 2004)

The difference from the annual appraisals and so on lies in the fact that the traditional manner of doing things relies more on the basis of paperwork where a lot of time, effort and money is rather wasted to state the least. The role played by the organizations in advancing their performance management systems is immense since a lot of the population depends on them for their needs and wants. This is met in a fair manner courtesy the E-government initiative adopted by several different companies and organizations. (Houthoofd, 2006) All such innovations which help and facilitate the related process must indeed be given thumbs up since these try to solve the miseries of the people and it is because of these people that the performance management systems are put into place originally. This further pinpoints the fact that the deployment of an efficient performance management system policy within the organization would indeed help it to essentially tackle its internal issues in a better and more effective manner possible. (Kickul, 2001) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human R Essay, n.d.)
Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human R Essay.
(Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human R Essay)
Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human R Essay.
“Why Are Performance Management Such Closely Related Aspects of Human R Essay”.
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