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The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Successful Organizational Change - Research Paper Example

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"The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Successful Organizational Change" research conducts an extensive literature review to examine the impact of organizational behavior and culture on the implementation of organizational change…
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The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Successful Organizational Change
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Successful Organizational Change"

Download file to see previous pages Since the year 2000, globalization has led many large business organizations to implement a long list of necessary changes in order to keep their business competitive within the global market. These changes may be influenced by both internal and external factors. (Burke, 2002)  Internal factors could be the introduction of a newly appointed general manager that came from a different company and cultural background or a change in organizational policy.  On the other hand, external factors may include new customers’ preferences in terms of products and services, a new direction with regards to where the market is heading, constantly changing the educational level of the potential manpower or the technological changes within a particular industry. 

Organizational behavior plays an important role when it comes to enabling the members within an organization to deal with the necessary organizational changes to meet the company’s goal. For this reason, a positive attitude and behavior towards the company’s goal should be present throughout the organizational hierarchy; regardless of employees’ authoritative power within the company.

Organizational behavior is the study or the application of knowledge with regards to how a person or group of people act within an organization. (Floyd, 2007) It also refers to the behavior of people at work (Sweringa & Wierdsma, 1992) as well as interpreting the relationship of people within the organization (Floyd, 2007).

The study of organizational behavior helps us identify and develop an effective strategy on how managers could motivate each employee to work together effectively. A company that is interested in enhancing its growth and profits should establish a good relationship with its customers based on trust. Particularly the improvement of the employer-employee relationship is important because it increases employee productivity rate when employers treat their employees with respect.   Also, employees may find that an increase in ethical behavior could result in higher compensation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Research Paper.
(The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Research Paper)
The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Research Paper.
“The Importance of Good Leadership in the Implementation of a Research Paper”.
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