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Importance of Business Process Reengineering - Essay Example

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This report investigates the strategies for successful BPR implementation in the Knit Textiles Manufacturing Company in Malaysia for improving the operational efficiency of employees of the firm. BPR is adopted by many business organizations as a tool for attaining performance improvement…
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Importance of Business Process Reengineering
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Download file to see previous pages From the interview with customers and employees of the company, data relating to the defaults in existing operations of Knit textiles is identified properly. The analysis of these data explores the need for re-engineering the ongoing process model for improving the operational efficiency and customer service of the company. From this study, we identified that better communication between managers and employees must be ensured for informing the organizational personnel about the ongoing change process and its consequences to the organizational personnel. The change management should be carefully deal by the Top management for removing the fear and after that restriction from organizational personnel towards the re-engineering process.
In the globally competitive business environment, a business organization is required to follow the continuous improvement in operational efficiency and cost control. Reengineering of the ongoing business process is recognized by many firms as an effective tool for achieving improvement in operational efficiency and performance of employees. But in many cases, firms are failed to achieve the targeted performance improvement after the re-engineering process. In this case study, we deeply analyze the strategies for successful implementation of BPR in the Knit Textiles Company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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