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Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change and Its Leadership by Higgs and Rowland - Article Example

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The "Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change and Its Leadership Article by Higgs and Rowland" paper analyzes the article which examined approaches to managing change in different environments and types of organizations with reference to works of many schools of thought…
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Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change and Its Leadership Article by Higgs and Rowland
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Extract of sample "Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change and Its Leadership by Higgs and Rowland"

Download file to see previous pages The change referred to in this context includes a broad array of topics. From an individual perspective, the change may be a new behavior. From a business perspective, the change may be a new business process and/or new technology. From a societal perspective, the change may be a new public policy or the passing of new legislation. Successful change, however, requires more than a new process, technology or public policy. Successful change may require the engagement and participation of the people involved. Change management provides a framework for managing the people side of these changes. The most recent research points to a combination of organizational change management tools and individual change management models for effective change to take place (Cameron & Green, 2004).

Organizational change management includes processes and tools for managing the people side of the change at an organizational level. These tools include a structured approach that can be used to effectively transition groups or organizations through change. When combined with an understanding of individual change management, these tools provide a framework for managing the people side of change. People who are confronted by the change will experience a form of culture-shock as established patterns of corporate life are altered, or viewed by people as being threatened. Employees will typically experience a form of grief or loss (Cameron & Green, 2004).

Managements responsibility, and that of administration in case of political changes, is to detect trends in the macro-environment as well as in the microenvironment so as to be able to identify changes and initiate programs. It is also important to estimate what impact a change will likely have on employee behavior patterns, work processes, technological requirements, and motivation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change Article - 3.
(Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change Article - 3)
Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change Article - 3.
“Analysis of All Changes Great or Small Exploring Approaches to Change Article - 3”.
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