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Leadership as an Important Aspect of Managing - Term Paper Example

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The "Leadership as an Important Aspect of Managing" paper discusses the exercise of leadership and change in the appropriate realms. Leadership is the art or process of influencing people so that they contribute willingly and enthusiastically toward group goals. Leadership requires followership. …
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Leadership as an Important Aspect of Managing
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Extract of sample "Leadership as an Important Aspect of Managing"

Download file to see previous pages Leadership is an important aspect of managing.  The ability to lead effectively is one of the keys to being an effective manager.  Leaders act to help a group attain objectives through the maximum application of its capabilities. Organizations may be in a state of equilibrium, with forces pushing for change on the one hand and forces resisting change by attempting to maintain the status quo on the other. 

Leaders envision the future. They inspire the organization members and chart the course of the organization. Chrysler’s Lee Iacocca and General Electric’s Jack Welch have provided a vision for their companies. Leaders must instill values – whether they are a concern for quality, honesty, and calculated risk-taking or concern for employees and customers (Main, 1987).

The change process involves three steps (Schein, 1980), namely, (1) unfreezing, (2) moving or changing and (3) refreezing. The first stage, unfreezing, creates motivation for change. If people feel uncomfortable with the present situation, they may see the need for change. However, in some cases, an ethical question may arise regarding the legitimacy of deliberately creating discomfort that may initiate change. The second stage is the change itself. This change may occur through the assimilation of new information, exposure to new concepts, or development of a different perspective. The third stage, refreezing, stabilizes the change. Change, to be effective, has to be congruent with a person’s self-concept and values. If the change is incongruent with the attitudes and behaviors of others in the organization, chances are that the person will revert back to the old behavior. Thus reinforcement of the new behavior is essential.

There may be many reasons why people resist change. What is not known causes fear and induces resistance. Organizational restructuring can leave a person uncertain about its effect on his or her job. People want to feel secure and have some control over the change.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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