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Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital - Report Example

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This paper "Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital" focuses on the fact that human capital is the key to gaining an advantage in the international environment. There has been a shift in the management styles and administrative practices to survive and prosper against the competition.   …
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Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital
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Extract of sample "Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital"

Download file to see previous pages Training and development include skills which are job-related and also that are not related. This helps in motivating and enhancing self-esteem as the employees feel the organization cares for them. Motivation is essential for retention and succession planning in today’s scenario. This paper will discuss the relevance of training needs and its implications on the stakeholders, managers and individuals.

Training is regarded as fundamental in transforming the workforce and brings about quality improvement across organizations. To effectively exploit intellectual assets, the focus on human development has been renewed (Donovan, Hannigan & Crowe, 2001). The pace of change requires continuous up-gradation of skills. With organizational functions have become global in scope, training is deemed to be essential but measures of the outcome of the training efforts in recent years demonstrate that the traditional assumption does not hold any more.

According to Porter and Parker (1993), four essential features have to be kept in mind while designing the training programs – training should necessarily be an ongoing process and people should receive appropriate training at the appropriate level. Training should take into account the future needs of the organization and has to be organization-specific (cited by Vermeulen & Crous). Apart from training, a review of the effectiveness of the training process should also be a continuous process. The benefits of training should be compared to the objectives of training regularly, say Vermeulen & Crous but the training interventions do not lead to the desired performance, states Broad while Donovan et al., contend that transfer of learning depends upon employee motivation, the relevance of training and work environment. Studies suggest that planned segregation of employees may be useful in promoting learning transfer.

Donovan et al., expression apprehensions whether a transfer of learning takes place from the learning to the work environment. Hale (2003) cites the Kirkpatrick model to assess the impact of training.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital Report.
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Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital Report.
“Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital Report”.
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