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Investing in Human Assets - Essay Example

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Investing In Human Assets Summary The entire essay describes the importance of investing in human resources of the organization. It so highlights, the advantages of investing in human resources of the organization in long run. Other than this, it also focuses on the benefits of RBV and its impact on the investments made over HR as well as the significance of competitive advantages over investment of the resources of the firm…
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Investing in Human Assets
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Download file to see previous pages It might be possible only if proper coordination within the employees of the organization might be seen resulting in the prospects of the firm. This is because; as human resource or employees act as the prime pillars of any organization so it is duty of the management to offer all types of basic facilities to them in order to make them happy and motivated towards work. Only then, the productivity of the organization might increase resulting in amplification of the profit margin and revenue among others. Therefore, it might be clearly stated that the productivity and image of the organization entirely depends on the hands of the human resource and so proper investment over human resource is essential. In this essay, the importance of investing in human resource of the organization is highlighted along with this the significant impact of RBV in making such investments in the fields of HR is also focused. Side by side, the ways by which RBV supports the competitive advantage of the organization. Along with five recommendations are also provided to make the implementation program successful in all regards. Importance of the Organization in Making Significant Investments in HR Organization is an association or group composed of employees of varied skills and talents. They are collectively recognized as the human resource of the organization. Human resource is the main part of an organization without which it might not function effectively. This is because it is the employees or the human resource who work for the betterment of the organization thereby enhancing its profit margin and revenues in the market among others. Other than this, the brand image and reputation of the organization is also due to the introduction of varied types of innovative products or services by the employees of the organization. Due to these products or services a large array of customers gets attracted towards it resulting in enhancement of the entire ROI. Thus it is also a duty of the organizational management to work for the benefit of the employees to make them happy and retain them for a longer period of time. Thus it is a vice-versa process and if one side goes wrong then the entire process might fail (Wright, 1993). Each and every organizational management is commitment to make significant investment in enhancing the interior skills and talents by organizing varied types of training programs. This might prove effective for the employees in improving their job skills and abilities resulting in amplification of their performance level as well as productivity of the organization. It might also improve the dedication level and devotion towards their work resulting in amplification of organizational productivity and revenues (Mello, 2011). Apart from this, proper communication is also essential to improve organizational effectiveness and image in the market with the help of an efficient leader or manager. If the manager very easily mingles with the employees through interpersonal relationship and tries to understand their views and ideas regarding any plan or program then the entire revenue invested in recruiting him might become effective. This might reduce the risks of turnover rates along with the fear to lose good performers of the organizat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Investing in Human Assets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Investing in Human Assets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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