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Patient experience - Coursework Example

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On the other hand, a bad patient experience is one which a patient does not get the type of care he/she needs and faces improper or discourteous behavior from the…
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Patient experience
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Extract of sample "Patient experience"

Patient Experience and ID Due paper Reflection A good patient experience is one inwhich a patient gets high quality care and treatment in the healthcare facility. On the other hand, a bad patient experience is one which a patient does not get the type of care he/she needs and faces improper or discourteous behavior from the people responsible for providing care to the patient. The quality of care and treatment is the main thing that distinguishes a good patient experience from a bad experience.
The things that mainly shape patients’ experience include quality of treatment/care and that of the hospitals’ environment, which include noise, music, and light (Shattell, Hogan, & Thomas, 2005). Quality and patient experience are interrelated to each other. “A positive patient experience is related to better health outcomes” (Johnson, 2014). A good patient experience depends mainly on the quality of care a patient receives during hospitalization and a bad patient experience also depends on the quality of care. Therefore, we can say that quality and patient experience go side by side in creating the image of any healthcare facility.
If patient experience is not the best measure of health care quality, the alternatives that I would recommend as the best measure include measuring the increase or decrease in the number of patients coming to the healthcare facility and analyzing public perception about the healthcare facility. If people are satisfied with the quality of care, the number of patients coming for treatment increase and the opposite occur in the other case. Similarly, a survey can be conducted in which people living nearby the healthcare facility should be asked questions about the facility. If public perception about the facility will be good, it will mean that the facility provides a high quality of care to the patients. There can be the two alternatives to measure the quality of care being provided by any healthcare facility.
Johnson, K. (2014). Getting It Right: The Link between the Patient Experience and Hospital Reputation. Retrieved from
Shattell, M., Hogan, B., & Thomas, S. (2005). "Its the people that make the environment good or bad": the patients experience of the acute care hospital environment. AACN Clin Issues, 16(2), pp. 159-69. Read More
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(Patient Experience Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Patient Experience Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Patient Experience Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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This coursework was always my weak point. I could never finish it on time. Still, after I found this particular essay, I understood how it should be completed. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the coursework in several hours, instead of days as it was previously.

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