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I believe this is because of the overall usage, importance and its impact on the mankind. It is an invention of the 2nd century (Clarke,…
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Top Innovations in Human History
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Paper as an important innovation: Paper I believe is one of the most important and effective innovations of the mankind out of all that are presentedin the list and lectures. I believe this is because of the overall usage, importance and its impact on the mankind. It is an invention of the 2nd century (Clarke, 2012).
Its introduction and usage has not been radical, rather it spread in a incremental manner. It started off from China, reaching to parts of Europe and then eventually becoming globally available. The creation part took a little longer initially as it was limited to local usage and concept but later on became worldwide common usage material.
The paper mills formally started manufacturing them and it started off as a commercial trading concept as well. It also helped introducing the printing press discipline along with that of journalism.
Maps, books, paper currency and other forms of formal and informal usage of documentation are all a gift of paper. The aim of paper production was multi fold. It was used as a communication means. It was further aimed at conveying a message to other parts in a more concrete manner. It is termed more important that the others because it formally set the foundations for the other sources of communication for the mankind in the future generations( Youtube, 2014).
Without the invention of the paper, it can be safely said that the maps, books, reading, learning, messaging conveying and many more achievements made by mankind may well had only been a dream up till now because paper enabled making all these elements possible.
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Top Innovations in Human History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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