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According to the Bloomberg magazine, the United States government fronted the proposal of relocating its offshore drilling base from the state of Virginia to Georgia. The proposal was supported by numerous oil and energy companies but was opposed by environmental watchdogs, who…
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Revised proposal
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Ecosystems of Goods and Services Oil and Gas Exploration Article Summary According to the Bloomberg magazine, the United States government fronted the proposal of relocating its offshore drilling base from the state of Virginia to Georgia. The proposal was supported by numerous oil and energy companies but was opposed by environmental watchdogs, who were worried about the possible effects on the environment. Of particular interest to them were the hotels on the Georgian Coastline. The United States government push to explore Georgia was in tandem with the governments interests in unlocking more areas for drilling and therefore increasing the countries oil reserves. Environmental conservationists, however, argue that the coastline is heavily populated and, therefore, any oil or gas spill would cause immense destruction to the environment and would negatively affect the individuals residing on the shores of the state.
Sustaining the governments move for exploration, the US secretary of the interior supported the governments efforts, claiming that the expansion plan took into account a balanced perspective towards gas and oil exploration and development. He lamented that the governments approach would protect areas that were too delicate to explore. In the recent past, the US government has come under immense pressure to stabilize the ever growing demand of oil and stabilizing oil prices and at the same time balancing the governments aspiration to fight climatic changes and protect the environment against pollution.
Conservationists claim the US government has failed in managing the risks of oil spills such as the 2010 British products (BP) oil disaster and the greenhouse effect.
Environmental analysts feel that more exploration in Georgia and other areas will open up the region to unhealthy and dirty fuels. They feel that these explorations will expose American coastlines to dirty fuel development practices, and such practices will pollute the coastlines and negatively affect American civilians. Stressing the governments intention to further increase oil and gas supply, the White House lamented that it would preserve more land, approximately 10 million acres of land for additional oil explorations in Alaska in the near future. Arctic drilling would still carry on while also expanding additional explorations in the most resourceful Gulf of Mexico region.
The oil and gas policies as proposed by the US government shows a bigger effort by the US administration to maintain the current Americas energy demand while also replicating down on legislations purposed to give protection to the environment and the unique ecosystems. Adding the gas and oil permits in the eastern side of the country, the governments proposes an enlarged lease in the densely populated regions of Gulf of Mexico and other unexplored regions on the coast of Alaska.
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Topic: Oil and Gas Exploration
There have been increased oil and gas exploration activities in the US in the recent past. United States is regarded as the country with the biggest oil and gas reserves in the world. High demand for oil and oil products and the recent upward movement of oil prices has prompted investors to seek oil exploration permits from the government. The government has however been hesitant in authorizing additional new explorations because of disasters such as the 2010 BP oil spill. Additional oil and gas explorations continue to create unhealthy environments, with large quantities of gaseous emissions released to the atmosphere. This article is a good example of the constant battle between human consumption needs on one side and the ecosystem preservation efforts by environmentalists on the other side. The government is torn in between striking the correct balance and protecting the ecosystem goods and services.
The topic is appropriate because oil is a basic component for many operations. It is the number one contributor to air and water pollution. Without oil, many industries would close down because oil is a primary source of energy. It is of paramount importance to investigate processes that can strike a balance in producing gas and oil and at the same time preventing loss and erosion of ecosystems goods and services.
The topic is relevant to the Ecosystems goods and services in a number of ways. Oil and gas are natural capital, just like water and air. Additionally, the process of obtaining oil and gas destabilizes the environment in a number of ways, key among them the addition of carbon emissions into the air. Finding a balance between exploration and environmental conservation is important for human survival. Lastly, understanding the other alternative energy options is important. Read More
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Revised Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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