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This project will investigate the impact of the new English as a Second Language curricula at the Eastside District High Schools…
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Download file to see previous pages Teachers, students, and families from three Eastside District high schools will be the sources of data for this particular investigation. The satisfaction scores provided by the respondents will be analyzed in order to be able to draw out the appropriate conclusions. Eastside School District is a large district composed of primarily urban schools, and enrolls a high percentage of students for whom English is a second language. These students’ families are highly diverse in terms of their national origin and economic status. For many of these students, becoming proficient in academic English is critical to their success in school and their preparedness for postsecondary study. The school district has recently implemented new English as a Second Language curricula in its elementary, middle, and high schools. Implementation has been quite expensive, involving the purchase of instructional materials and computer software, teacher and staff training, and the use of consultants to guide implementation. The district would like to study the effectiveness of the new curricula, looking at issues such as the impact on student English. language proficiency, student academic progress overall, student, family, and teacher satisfaction with the curricula, and implementation issues. This investigation will attempt to answer the following research questions: 1. Is there student satisfaction with the new ESL curricula in Eastside District high schools? 2. Is there family satisfaction with the new ESL curricula in Eastside District high schools? 3. Is there teacher satisfaction with the new ESL curricula in Eastside District high schools? 4. Is there overall satisfaction with the new ESL curricula in Eastside District high schools? 5. Which aspect/s of the new ESL curricula provide the most satisfaction? 6. Which aspect/s of the new ESL curricula provide the least satisfaction? In order to answer these research questions, this study will test the following research hypotheses: 1. It is hypothesized that students are satisfied with the new ESL curricula. 2. It is hypothesized that families are satisfied with the new ESL curricula. 3. It is hypothesized that teachers are satisfied with the new ESL curricula. 4. It is hypothesized that a number of aspects of the new ESL curricula need to be focused on and improved. II. Research Design This research study will use a descriptive survey approach in order to determine the level of satisfaction of teachers, students and families utilizing the new ESL curricula. A descriptive research design usually answers the question “what is” and is therefore an appropriate research design for the investigation at hand since the investigation is interested in finding out what the level of satisfaction is among stakeholders of the new ESL curricula (Creswell, 2003). III. Setting and Sample The research study will be conducted at six randomly selected Eastside District High Schools, High School A, High School B, High School C, High School D, High School E, and high School F. These high schools will be chosen using stratified random sampling. First, a list of all High Schools from the Eastside District will be acquired. These schools will then be classified according to the general economic level of the students, from Low to Average to High Income levels. Once these schools ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2-4 Page Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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