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Comcast New England: A Journey of Organizational Transformation - Essay Example

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In order to turn this round, he initiated some changes that help the organization move away from these problems and challenges…
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Comcast New England: A Journey of Organizational Transformation
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Extract of sample "Comcast New England: A Journey of Organizational Transformation"

Changes Facilitated by Casey at Comcast When Casey took over the leadership at Comcast, the company had been going through a difficult period and its fortunes and client base was dwindling. In order to turn this round, he initiated some changes that help the organization move away from these problems and challenges. In order to change the organizational design at Comcast, Casey changed the operation model of the company. The company moved from functionality aligned model to a hybrid model that had five decentralized geographic areas (Beer and Arun, 7). The job design at Comcast was also changed by Casey selecting new senior leadership team that consisted of individuals with specific skills to fill the existing gaps. The job design was altered to facilitate supervisory leadership in the company.
Employee motivation was also focused on by Casey when he took over the management of the company. This was achieved by facilitating communication with the employees (Beer and Arun, 12). Casey initiated a communication plan that was centered on engaging the company’s employees in order to heighten their awareness on what was happening in the company. This ensured that the leadership was listening to the needs of the employees and acting on the needs on the basis of direct feedback.
The changes which were introduced by Casey created a greater organizational alignment with the operating environment by helping identify useful information from the employees and the senior managers (Beer and Arun, 20). The changes facilitated the dedication of the appropriate resources, assigning of team leaders and establishment of governance processes that ensured that the work streams in the company remained on track.
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Beer, Michael and Arun, Anita. “Comcast New England: A Journey of Organizational Transformation.” Harvard Business School 8 May 2008.Print. Read More
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