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Relationship between the business strategy and an entity's organizational culture regarding staffing decisions - Essay Example

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I essence, the core role of a business is to ensure that it succeeds in the scope of the services it does produce. In its strategy, a firm adopts…
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Relationship between the business strategy and an entitys organizational culture regarding staffing decisions
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Extract of sample "Relationship between the business strategy and an entity's organizational culture regarding staffing decisions"

Culture and Strategy Analysis Affiliation Business Strategies and Organizational Culture A business strategy entails the mechanisms by which a business management team does set apart to achieve the ultimate goals. I essence, the core role of a business is to ensure that it succeeds in the scope of the services it does produce. In its strategy, a firm adopts well-calculated mechanisms to achieve and stabilize the sustained success. It aids the staff members in continuous communication and implementation of all the programs on hand. The business strategy is the result of the choices made by the management board on the vision, mission, goals and visions (Schein, 2004).
Most significantly, organizational culture remains a crucial component in any firm. Every organization does possess a clear unique personality of the staff members. For the purpose of achievement of clear objectives and working in unity among the team members, i9t is essential to have one mind-set when it comes to the organizational culture. A unit that is divided mentally and ideological wise cannot achieve its targeted goals. Organizational culture comprises of a number of factors such as innovativeness, where the team leaders challenge their staff members to take risks in all organizational culture also establish the level of precision expected from each employee. Additionally, it emphasizes on respect and dignity to employees, teamwork, aggressiveness, and stability of tenure (Zheng, Yang, & McLean, 2010).
From the outlook of the role of the organizational culture in any firm, it is very difficult for the two components to work without interlinking. Primarily, for the set goals to reach a level of success, the team implementing the same must be in possession of the appropriate spirit and skills. The organization must create a conducive atmosphere for the achievement of the strategies. Concisely, one cannot focus on achievement of business strategies, and at the same time disregarding the environment, that defines the culture. Therefore, both components have to be put into consideration.
Schein, E. H. (2004). Organizational Culture and Leadership. booksgooglecom (p. 464). doi:10.2139/ssrn.1338709
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