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Good Deed Report (Part 1) + Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2) - Assignment Example

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I hereby request for the appreciation and recognition of my colleague Allan McKenzie for his determination and dedication in ensuring business activities continued at a fast food restaurant for three consecutive days when I was away. Allan works in the accounting department, but…
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Good Deed Report (Part 1) + Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2)
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Extract of sample "Good Deed Report (Part 1) + Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2)"

Download file to see previous pages Immediately after college, I landed a part-time job in a fast food restaurant in the city before receiving my college results. After working for a few months, I received a notification that I had qualified to pursue a degree course at the University. When admissions were close, I was preoccupied with registration and admission procedures and seldom found time to attend work. In the last week of administration, I had many follow-up activities related to my university admission and did not find time to go to work. However, Allan multitasked and served customers at the counter and food service unit.
I was new at work, and it was difficult finding an employee at the restaurant to cover for me. My colleagues in the food service unit were often overwhelmed in the afternoons after working throughout the morning. Therefore, my absence was unwelcome unless I had someone to replace me at the unit to avoid overworking my colleagues. Allan was the most unlikely colleague since he was working in the accounting department, but the only employee left. It was amazing when he agreed to my request after thoroughly explaining why I would be away.
The fast food restaurant was small compared to other restaurants in the city. However, the increasing number of colleges surrounding the restaurant was a potential market for expansion and growth, especially during the fall. Many factors made Allan succeed in performing both duties and tasks. Firstly, I recognized Allan has exceptional customer relations skills. It is apparent many customers arriving in the evening had delayed service because he had to juggle between receiving money from customers and serving them food. Secondly, Allan is a team player. He has never worked in the food service unit, thus, not familiar with many employees there. However, he managed to get along with the employees to offer a lasting experience to customers. Finally, I was surprised by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Good Deed Report (Part 1) Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2) Assignment. Retrieved from
(Good Deed Report (Part 1) Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2) Assignment)
Good Deed Report (Part 1) Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2) Assignment.
“Good Deed Report (Part 1) Professor Memo (Incident Report - Part 2) Assignment”, n.d.
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