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Boosting Worker Morale Based on Sociological Concepts - Essay Example

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BOOSTING WORKER MORALE BASED ON SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS Name Institution Course Instructor Date In the modern organizational management, employees are regarded the core actors in organization operations and very valuable assets in an organization. The employee good interaction with other organizational aspects leads to employees’ morale advancement…
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Boosting Worker Morale Based on Sociological Concepts
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Download file to see previous pages Smith (1996, p.143) further observed that, high morale among workers is very important in the performance of an organization as it serves as compensation for the organization’s weak areas. Therefore, high morale is equated to innovation and invention, job respect, workers commitment to the organization, job satisfaction, the desire of the employee to meet the organizations objective and goals as well as hiking the organizations profit and performance (Kleiner 2003, p. 53). On the other hand, low employee performance leads to increase in operational cost, frequent absenteeism among employees, poor service delivery, strikes and complains minimal work motivation, and reduction creativity and innovation (Cappelli 1997, p. 210). In general, morale has to do with individual characteristics and define the level of personal satisfaction which increases or reduces the need to produce best results in any activity (Guion 1958, p. 60). Glimmer (1961, p 313) stated that, morale serves as an attitude and relationship respondent of the people to the job status which has an impact on the behavior of the employee within the organization. Additionally, good morale in an organization is responsible of group interaction and workable team work. Measure necessary in boosting the morale the organization staff and volunteer The employees’ spirit to work is prone to fall most specifically when they (employee) feel their effort in the organization is devalued by the management. Reduction of the working spirit results to less motivated and unproductive staff (Kleiner 2003, p. 58). It’s therefore the responsibility of the management to appreciate the employee effort to maintain the working morale. The following measures are very beneficial in improving the employees’ morale To start with, the employees and volunteers require respectful treatment. Irrespective of their position in the organization, respectful treatment is very important in improving and maintaining the working morale. According to Guion (1958, p. 61) employees appreciate the respect and recognition of their contribution in an organization. In case of disagreement between the management and the employees’, honorable method of solving problem should be upheld to avoid employee demoralization. To ensure respect to employees, the management should not swear under any situation as swearing diminishes the employee hope for job continuity which is tantamount to the reduction of the employee working morale (Guion 1958, p. 61). Additionally, to increases the employees work morale the management should not ignore any staff or volunteer contribution in presence of other employees. Appreciation in public improves the staff self actualization which results to improved morale. Furthermore, to improve the staffs and volunteer morale, the management should also use courtesy words to their employees such as thank you, welcome among other. Such words portray respect to the employees hence advancing their morale (Kleiner 2003, p. 60). Secondly, the employees’ recognition programs are very helpful in improving the staff and volunteer morale. According to Smith (1996, p. 145), the main causes of the employees morale reduction, is lack of appreciation to their effort. The best employees in an organization are greatly humiliated by lack of management appreciation. The program core purpose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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