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A Critical Review of Competing on capabilities (George Stalk, Philip Evans, Lawrence E. Shulman 1992) - Essay Example

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Companies in pursuit of greater competitive advantage are formulating numerous strategies, but not all the companies have been successful in accomplishing this…
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A Critical Review of Competing on capabilities (George Stalk, Philip Evans, Lawrence E. Shulman 1992)
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Extract of sample "A Critical Review of Competing on capabilities (George Stalk, Philip Evans, Lawrence E. Shulman 1992)"

Download file to see previous pages Considering these aspects, the essay intends to present a review of the article ‘Competing on capabilities’ by ‘George Stalk’, ‘Philip Evans’, & ‘Lawrence E. The essay critically considers the major strengths and weaknesses of the article and further attempts to compare with the theories propounded by other scholars.
The article ‘Competing on capabilities’ by ‘George Stalk’, ‘Philip Evans’ & ‘Lawrence E. Shulman’ specifically describes about the role and importance of business competitiveness on strategic decision making capabilities of companies. Throughout the article, multiple references of Wall Mart have been illustrated in order to establish a suitable alignment of this retail giant with the article’s theme (Shin, 2001; Stalk & et. al., 1992). According to the authors, a business process can only be categorized as capacity-based depending on the types of business strategies espoused by it. The facts mentioned within this article also appeared to have a specific amount of focus on the customer-satisfaction attainment factors. According to the authors, higher level of customer satisfaction can be achieved through the provision of superior quality of services and the price affordability of products offered by the companies (Article Myriad, 2014; Sorescu & et. al., 2011). Throughout the article, specific emphasis has been laid upon the effective mechanism of replenishing the store inventory on a regular basis as a strategic plan towards establishing strong brand positioning within the minds of the customers (Bressler, 2009; Chadwick & et. al., 2007).
Notwithstanding, appropriate implementation of business strategies has always been a debatable factor for the multiple reviewers as well as retail giants. This eventually proves the credibility of this article as being appropriately debatable against the wider perception of the effects business strategy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Critical Review of Competing on Capabilities (George Stalk, Philip Essay.
“A Critical Review of Competing on Capabilities (George Stalk, Philip Essay”, n.d.
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