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Small Group Written Assignment - Essay Example

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To be able to effectively handle the conflict, the root cause of the issues needs to be identified.
To begin with, there was already…
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Small Group Written Assignment
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Extract of sample "Small Group Written Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages This was evident with the incident at the loading dock where two employees (Ed Williams and Buddy Jones) were engaged in heavy altercation over the type of music that should played on the loading dock sound systems while hurling racial slur at each other.
The new Operations Manager Bob Jackson must assert leadership on the distribution center of Hayward Healthcare Systems to deter and discourage belligerent and hostile attitude of employees. It is strongly advised that Mr. Bob Jackson must intervene when conflict arises in the distribution center because it is his area of responsibility. The employees in the floor being highly aggressive can only respect a strong leadership which Mr. Bob Jackson must exercise.
A policy also needs to be draft and implemented that will bring about the desired behavior in the distribution center. This will include but not limited to, conflict handling and resolution, decorum on music (i.e. no more music to be played on the loading dock sound system but employees are allowed to use headsets). Conflict, fistfights must also be deterred by a heavy penalty such as suspension that could lead to termination from the company.
Implement a new hiring policy that will screen the background of the applicants where management can participate in the selection process. Promotion and appointment to positions of responsibility must be done according to merit and this must expressed in a policy. This policy must also be communicated properly to the employees to promote professionalism and to convey policy changes in the management.
The company must also implement a zero tolerance policy against racial slur because it is not only unhealthy on the work floor but could also invite discrimination charges which are costly in terms of litigation and settlement not to mention its cost on the company’s image of being implicated in a discrimination charge.
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