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Systems support for a new baxter manufacturing company plant in Mexico - Case Study Example

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The first alternative was to provide a connection of the Mexican plant to the existing system through a high-speed internet line. This approach faced two fundamental…
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Systems support for a new baxter manufacturing company plant in Mexico
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Extract of sample "Systems support for a new baxter manufacturing company plant in Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages The problem with language resulted in the employees working in the American system being incapable of providing support to the system. This would have necessitated the availing of local individuals to provide support to the Mexican plant from there, but since the qualified support staff could not be gotten in Mexico, the alternative was rejected.
The second option available to Collins was contracting an Application System Provider (ASP). This provided a better option since the company would not have to invest heavily on computer infrastructure and their support systems. With this approach, the company would have to purchases the application software, but the database support would be provided by the contracted ASP Company (Brown et al., 2012). There were fundamental difficulties in getting providers who could be able to offer this support and when Collins was able to get one, time was running out. Although the provider was capable of providing the system in Spanish, as well as offer customer services in the language, the costs of undertaking this option were relatively high as compared to the other alternatives. While the system could be effective in meeting the specified needs, it was rejected on the basis of the cost of purchasing, maintaining and training employees on its usage.
The third and last available option was utilizing a piecemeal solution, which would involve acquisition of software running on the computer within the Mexican plant, and that would be networked through a Local Area Network. This was found as the only viable solution because it was quick and easy to implement, and could easily overcome the language barrier which existed within the company (Davenport, 2013). The solution would provide the essential support to the organizational functions at the beginning before an ERP would be implemented on the entire organization.
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The topic of "systems support for a new baxter manufacturing company plant in Mexico" is quite popular among the assignments in college. Still, this example opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.

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