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Organizational performance - Essay Example

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An organization that brings together the acquisition process, structures training of staff and develops an environment that foster retention is best placed to succeed. To attain the goals of prosperity,…
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Organizational performance
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Extract of sample "Organizational performance"

Insert Talent acquisition, retaining and developing Business units that work together ensure profitability of the institution. An organization that brings together the acquisition process, structures training of staff and develops an environment that foster retention is best placed to succeed. To attain the goals of prosperity, separate functionalities of HR, finance business, operations and outsourcing have to be in accord.
Modern higher learning institutions are packed with students in different schools across South America. To achieve the best in the market, the cooperation should make up the mind to acquire talent fresh from colleges in the South American Universities to take up positions within the firm. A plan and forecast for the workforce should be developed. It should include the number of employees, recruitment base and training program. In addition, recognizing that experienced workforce is success, they should be included in the program. It will involve a recruiting process was certification; referrals and expertise skills are ranked of the candidates. Taking up leadership positions is a fact pegged on ability from self-will and experience. It will be achieved by offering training opportunities, holding regular meetings to streamline perception and channel the energies of the workforce. It has been proved that rewarding of staff is a good way to empower their individual strategies for development. Building their art of communication, influence abilities and responsibility is paramount.
The aspect of staff retention raises eyebrows in most of the company’s agenda. It is worthless to come up with a team of talented members, only to lose them again. Offering competitive packages should be first on the workforce plan for conservation will enable the firm built a name in the market and conquer new markets within the South America. Moreover, working environment conditions in terms of developing a mutual relationship will help to develop coherence of team members; mutual respect, opinion space and leadership offers. Making them feel part of the organization by offering them a stake of it builds the confidence of working with a company for longer periods. The south America is a good source when talent is sought.
Talent management process
The department in charge of the talent base will have a mandate to oversee entry, retention, development and performance.
To move into the future, developing essential advantage skills is imperative and as such, the sourcing will
1. Focus on appropriate avenues available in South America
2. Develop detailed job description
3. The interview session should be behavior based looking out specific competencies
4. Ensure the quality from the start
5. Develop and introduction and orientation plan
In addition to competitive packages, the organization should offer;
1. Creation of an environment that is accommodative
2. The consistency in the will and organizational values should be ascertained by individual managers
3. Leadership should adhere to healthy relationship behaviors to foster teamwork
4. Make the staff feel part of the decision-making process and making use of high performers across the departments
5. All employees should respect to organization’s culture and be in tandem with their areas of specialization
1. The firm will break down competence into
a. Skills
b. Attitude
c. Behavior
d. Knowledge
2. The development plan will factor in all the employee competency profile and come up with a plan based on the levels in the pattern and the organizational objectives
3. The focus should not be in developing weaknesses alone; maintain strengths.
4. Training, job rotation, cross-functional exposure will be made use of to create development opportunities
1. Roles should be clearly defined in aligning with strategy
2. Performance agreement should involve individual input
3. Accountability is a virtue widely known of the South Americans and should be cultivated among staff members
4. A feedback channel will be regarded to streamline and acknowledge the progress
5. A positive reinforcement strategy will be used in enhancing performance.
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Organizational Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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