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Performance Reviews (Human Resource Management) - Essay Example

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These reviews are aimed at assessing how far the employees accomplish their tasks according to individual objectives. In addition, the results from these reviews are used in making…
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Performance Reviews (Human Resource Management)
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Performance Reviews Performance reviews as part of human resource management have objectives as well as principles. These reviews are aimed at assessing how far the employees accomplish their tasks according to individual objectives. In addition, the results from these reviews are used in making important personnel decisions such as training and development, promotions, and remunerations (Houldsworth & Jirasinghe, 2006). It is however demotivating when these objectives are overlooked, and the manager takes the process to a personal level.
In a recent performance review, my supervisor, who happens to come from my community was keen on noticing and repeatedly commented on my poor schooling and background. She at one point disputed some of my achievements on the basis that she did not believe I was capable of that since my background was miserable. However, much I tried to display my competence during the review, the supervisor was not impressed. I realized that her motive was to instil the anger in me and evoke a negative response so as she could get a chance to get me down. I tried to play calm all through the review, answering only the questions that were not personal. However, I was utterly discouraged when she indicated on my report that I was uncooperative in the review.
Although I forwarded my grievances to the superiors in the organization and was given a consideration, I still feel offended by the actions of the supervisor and it is my feeling that such people should not be allowed to conduct reviews. Moreover, even with shortages of staff performance reviews should not be based on a single person review as this increases the risk of bias.
Houldsworth, E., & Jirasinghe, D. (2006). Managing & measuring employee performance. London: Kogan Page Read More
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