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COMMUNICATION PLAN for Nestle Company - Essay Example

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Nestlé is a globally recognized food and beverage company with an objective to produce and market consumables that are able to satisfy consumers and exceed their expectations regarding quality and the value they pay for the same. Nestlé purchases various raw materials that…
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Extract of sample "COMMUNICATION PLAN for Nestle Company"

Download file to see previous pages For perishable products such as milk and vegetables, Nestlé has direct procurement process with specific requirement so that the excess is not wasted. Nestlé invest sufficiently in sustainable agriculture in collaboration with its direct suppliers so that high quality food products are delivered. Multinationals such as Nestlé focus on long term partnership with suppliers so that resources are available at a reasonable cost and whenever required. These long term contracts minimizes various risks on the part of the company as well as for the suppliers. For instance, such kind of supply chain system acts as a hedge against fluctuations in the agricultural market (Handfield& Nichols, 1999; Nestlé, 2009; 2014b).
Nestle company has been going through some publicity issues in the past. There were a lot of cases where children died as a result of taking products from the nestle company. This led to massive protests by the people against their products. Nestle was accused of aggressively marketing their breast milk substitutes and dressing their sales ladies as nurses. The deaths reported were as a result of the increasing deaths of infants. For the infant formula milk, the powder has to mixed with water which in most poor countries is usually contaminated and unhygienic and therefore leading to the death of the children. Another issue was that even when the parents knew the hygienic standards that they had to have, they do not have the means to sterilise the equipment that they used and therefore having no choice but to use the contaminated water. The women in the poor countries sometimes could not afford the formula and thus would end up using less than the required amount of formula and mix it with more water so that a can would last for longer. This means that the infants got less nutrients than they required. Basically, children who are fed on breast milk are more protected than children who are fed on formula and thus have better health compared to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?Nestle Nestle (http was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland, where its headquarters are located. Nestle’s beginnings began with the legendary Henri feeding his formula to a premature baby boy whose ailing mother was unable to feed the child. The boy survived, sending sales soaring at a time of high infant mortality. Now Nestle employs around 280,000 people with branches and factories operating in almost every country in the world. Nestle is synonymous with milk and milk products and is the world’s largest food conglomerate with sales of CHF 108 bn for 2009. Nestle’s Nescafe, the leading coffee brand, is drank in almost every country and the company owns scores of other household names, including... pages as...
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... customer benefits. It has been identified that Nestle has undergone all these steps and became a market leader and one of the top multinational companies through vigorous planning, hard work and continuous pursuit for quality. Mission. Mission of Nestle is “Good Food Good Life”. The company claims that these words represent the promise they commit to everyday and everywhere- to enhance lives, throughout life with good food and beverages. International Entrepreneurship at Nestle Management Managers around the globe are recognizing the increasing necessity for their companies and organizations to develop the skills, aptitudes and knowledge to compete effectively in international markets. The emergence of a more open world economy... to the...
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...profitability in their business and grow as a company. Bhatia (2008, p. 159) argues that the chosen technology by a company must reflect the competitive position it wants to be in the future. Technology helps a company to keep up with industry trends in the market. It also saves on cost of production that emanate from the efficiency and effectiveness of carrying out operations using technology rather than relying on manual methods. Technological advancement in the retail industry can help an organization to reduce operational cost. Reduction in operational cost is achieved through increased manufacturing efficiency, use of new distribution and communication methods such...
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Organisational Behaviour of Nestle Company the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company whose purpose is to provide ‘Good Food, Good Life. ” Its origin dates back to 1866 when Anglo-Swiss condensed milk company was founded in Cham. A year later, the founder of Nestle Mr. Henri Nestle opened a company in Switzerland which offered infant cereals and which later merged with the Anglo-Swiss company in 1905 leading to birth of Nestle Company whose headquarters are in Vevey, Switzerland. Since then, it has grown into a global organization spanning 461 factories in 83 countries. It has a human resource capacity of 330, 000 people in...
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...? Management, Research Paper Topic: Nestle Discuss the organization change that Nestle has undergone.  Every organization in the world needs to bring about changes in its system in order to remain competitive in the long run. Being the biggest food company in the world it is extremely important for Nestle to introduce changes to maintain its commitment of long term outcomes. During its initial years, Nestle only sold in international markets through agents, with its headquarters being in Switzerland. In the twentieth century, however, Nestle decided to change its strategy into global expansion by buying local subsidiaries in foreign...
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...profits (Wojahn, 2003: p25). After the fail in home appliances, electrical goods, and animal feeds the company still ventured into worldwide sale of snack foods. This could have been a success to the company, but they pulled out so soon. General mills Company bought a number of companies dealing in snacks in the following years and even had plans to acquire an international company to deal in manufacturing of shaped snacks (Wojahn, 2003: p25). This vision went blank when FTC restricted them from buying any more companies due to antitrust reasons. The company then started to sell the bought...
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Nestle realize tangible benefits in terms of its productivity. The SBUs have been set up after the new CEO took over in 2005 and as demonstrated earlier, the profitability of the Company has jumped in recent years. This suggests that the new transnational, global policy may be improving the performance of the Company, because it allows local marketing strategy for Nestle’s products in every region to be refined and modified in accordance with the global policies and strategic initiatives of the Company. Since there is a greater level of communications between regional and local levels, this ensures that a unified strategy is in place. The management...
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.... The strategy is quite simple but strong. The strategy is to start from a basics and then only move to the more niches with the rise in demand. Sometimes they connect their expansion plan with other brands as per the rising income of the population present there. The company provides some 8500 product brands; but only around 750 are registered in multiple nations and only about 80 are registered in over ten distinct countries (Nestle, n.d.). Nestle uses this approach as it is easier to reach the consumers with local brand names because of their attachment to these local names. Consequently the marketing becomes easier in such a situation as the local...
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...Communication Plan Introduction American Goods Wholesale Club (AGW) is service providing company. This company provides products which are produced in America to local retailers as well as to club members. The club has planned to expand its business operations in the market of China with the intention of improving profitability as well as to expand business operations in international market. The company on entering the market of China is required to formulate plans as well as strategies in order to launch products in an effective manner. Moreover, the product launch should be communicated efficiently for...
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Gap Analysis: For Nestle Company create value for its external shareholders and benefit the broader community as a whole. The company has committed itself to the reduction of depletion of natural capital and protecting the environment in general. Nestle strives to follow the “Triple-bottom-line” objective of corporate governance by striving to improve the social, environmental and financial aspects of operation (“The Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability”). Despite projecting a sustainable image of the company, recent experience at Ivory Coast shows that the company can improve its public image. It has been argued that the company must alter its present codes...
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