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Management Plan to the City Council Prior to Their Filling the Vacant Positions - Essay Example

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The paper "Management Plan to the City Council Prior to Their Filling the Vacant Positions" states that the management should make it clear to the employees on who Torres is in the company and that she should be given all the respect that she deserves regardless of her sex and racial affiliation…
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Management Plan to the City Council Prior to Their Filling the Vacant Positions
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Extract of sample "Management Plan to the City Council Prior to Their Filling the Vacant Positions"

The following is my management plan to the city council prior to their filling the vacant positions.
First, for the order to be retained in the City Council, I recommend that prior to hiring any worker, Torres be involved in the selection process. This will allow Torres have full authority and command on the employees as opposed to the employees taking her for granted as the employees as said to have family and political links with the management (Ramos 26).
Secondly, I recommend the establishment of a central source of power and information. This will stop the current multiple requests for similar information (Ramos 26). In the event that Torres handles this task, coordination will set a pace for quality work in the council.
Regarding the third complaint of the failure to meet deadlines and attending meetings, I propose that the employees commit in writing on what is expected of them at specific timelines. Stiff penalties such as warnings and dismissal letters must be put on employees who fail to meet the requirements of the management. This will ensure that the staff members adhere with the time set for the morning meetings and all the deadlines set despite their urgency.  So as to reduce the chances that the new employees are disloyal to Torres, I propose that they report to her every morning and evening with clearly written progress on their work. Alongside their written presentations, the new workers must also ensure that they also get responses from the old staff on how the company has been running prior to their coming in and what they should emulate from them. This move will allow the new staff to move with the pace set by Torres before their contract with the company. Read More
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