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Procrassss - Essay Example

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Procrastination reduces the quality of work. According to psychologists, postponing things is an absurd matter. Therefore, by delaying things in an irrational manner we will be buying…
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Extract of sample "Procrassss"

Procrastination Procrastination Procrastination simply involves delaying things until the last minute in an irrational way. Procrastination reduces the quality of work. According to psychologists, postponing things is an absurd matter. Therefore, by delaying things in an irrational manner we will be buying more time that will never be recovered (Philosophical essays on procrastination, 2010).
My goal is to improve on my grades and be among top students in my class probably by the end of the semester. In the past, I had problems of waking up early so to study, this will pose a problem for me because I usually delay my waking time. Another procrastination problem I might face is meeting the deadline for this semester. Looking at the past, I have had to postpone critical deadlines. The other problem I have is socializing a lot in school which makes me push forward my revision time, mostly during lunch breaks and in the evenings (Learning Empowerment & Achieving Potential, 2010).
Learning, empowerment, and achieving stipulated goals may help to overcome procrastination problems as discussed. The first thing is to reduce over-socializing at school since it minimizes accomplishment of tasks. Secondly, is to prepare myself to be productive and industrious. Further, it may motivate me to wake up early in the morning so that I can revise. Finally, always do what is right at the right time, and I will be able to accomplish my goal (Learning Empowerment & Achieving Potential, 2010).
In conclusion, Procrastination is the thief of time. Since we are not victims of circumstances, anyone can overcome it. By learning from the above problems and solutions of procrastination, it is upon me to do, what is necessary at the right time (Learning Empowerment & Achieving Potential, 2010).
Learning Empowerment & Achieving Potential. (2010). Procrastination: Breaking free. Mumbai: Body & Soul Books.
The thief of time: Philosophical essays on procrastination. (2010). New York: Oxford University Press. Read More
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Procrassss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Procrassss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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