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H.W - Assignment Example

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Over the years, teams have gained popularity in the workplace as the most applicable form of running an organization because team work serves as a motivational factor for employees to work harder. In essence, working in teams in an organization helps the successful completion of…
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Extract of sample "H.W"

Management Over the years, teams have gained popularity in the workplace as the most applicable form of running an organization because team work serves as a motivational factor for employees to work harder. In essence, working in teams in an organization helps the successful completion of tasks and also influences organizational loyalty because it helps team members to feel valued within an organization. Additionally, teams have gained popularity in the workplace because they help in influencing members to tap into their creative side, which can be an effective way of handling the challenges that an organization meets through the development of applicable solutions for the same.
For managers, allowing employees to work in teams influences the success of the organization, but this also requires the application of work design as a way of fostering high productivity for the same. Therefore, it is imperative for managers to innovate ways that can help in improving team performance for the benefit of the organization and the target market that they serve. One way of a manager can improve team performance can be through the fostering of cohesion within the team by making sure that they treat them fairly and without any bias. Further, providing of equal opportunities to all can also influence team performance as it helps in drawing out the best nof each team member for the benefit of the organization. Motivation is also another way that a manager can use for influencing team performance by providing bonuses to those that perform extraordinarily, which can also influence other team members to be better.
As the team leader, the first step would be to allow each of the six team members to provide their ideas on which of the recommended software is the best and also allow them to provide reasons for them supporting or not supporting this software. Therefore, my plan would be to assign each of the team members to research on the possible software that the insurance company is likely to purchase and allow them to gather information on the merits and demerits of each of these. This would help each of the team members to participate in the process and allow each of them to contribute fairly rather than shooting the ideas of each other down.
The least effective team that I have ever worked with is that which recommends things to be done as this does not see through that the ideas that they provide are implemented. One characteristic that this team had was that its only involvement was in the planning and research process of product or service development. The effectiveness of this team arose from the fact that it did not focus on knowing whether the end result met the needs of the target market. However, the most effective team that I have worked on is that which runs things as this meant that they had the hands –on approach rather than the oversight approach when it came to executing organizational functions. This team was effective as it was able to face the challenges involved in product development and employee dissatisfaction, which meant that it was focused on the achievement of the overall success of the organization.
After reading the teams in the work place chapter, my understanding is that ineffective teams can be transformed into effective ones by changing the work design as this is the core of organizational success. This can be done through the development of a design that is inclusive and also have the interests of the team members at heart. It should not only be focused on the completion of tasks, but it should also focus on the other concerns that the team members may have.
Based on this scenario, Bonnie and the other six nurses that have worked in Bluff City Hospital for the longest time fall under the interest groups because their goals are not in line with those of the organization that they work for. Their common interest is that they have been together in the same shift for a long time and understand each other very well, which is part of the characteristics attached to interest groups. From this case, the norms play a critical role in ensuring that there exists cohesion and respect among team members, which are the necessities in a conducive working environment. Group norms refer to the limits of acceptable or non acceptable behaviour within a group role is to ensure in which their role is to ensure that the group survives. Based on this situation, the best norms applicable here would be the social responsibility norms in which each of the twenty members should have a say in deciding whether the jokes and non-harmful tricks are acceptable.
Once decided, the next step would be to ensure that the behaviour that is not acceptable to many of the group members does not prevail in which consequences might follow those that choose to continue with it. This can be an effective way of ensuring that there is a minimal group conflict and also influence cohesiveness. Paula as the manager should reassign each of the seven nurses that seem to be dominating the group to different departments in order to break the power that they feel they have over new staff. Distributing them to different departments would mean that they would spend lesser time at work, which is likely to reduce the chances of them bullying other team members. Read More
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(H.W Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5)
H.W Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5.
“H.W Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5”, n.d.
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