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Production-on-Demand: Challenges, Necessary Infrastructure and Best Practice Examples - Essay Example

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There exist several situations, such as unavailability of product in market, wherein the companies tend to develop the production…
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Production-on-Demand: Challenges, Necessary Infrastructure and Best Practice Examples
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Extract of sample "Production-on-Demand: Challenges, Necessary Infrastructure and Best Practice Examples"

Download file to see previous pages These challenges are ascertained to be hampering their production strategies by a considerable extent. In this similar context, one of the main issues face by the companies is about maintaining a sustainable business environment. Justifiably, the companies are not being able to reduce the emission level while remaining engaged in varied production related activities. The other problems that the companies often face can be associated with non-availability of quality raw materials, labour, capital investment and other sustainability related issues among others. It is worth mentioning that the need for utilising adequate resources in a company is important for determining the level of production (Holmstrom & Yrjola, 2014).
The study targeted to identify the challenges associated with the significant concern of production on demand, recognising the need for building necessary infrastructure and elaborating certain best practice instances that reveal the problems relating to production on demand. More importantly, the study will also elaborate about the good practices that can be followed at the time of producing the goods and eliminating all the errors involved in the production procedures.
The study has been structured based on analysing the challenges, necessary infrastructure and best practices in relation to the notion of production on demand of varied products belonging to diverse industries.
There are several problems that can be found related with the notion of production on demand. According to Walter & (2014), a few of the crucial challenges do exist, which affects the production on demand condition at large. In this context, one of such challenges can be ascertained as improper supply chain management (SCM) procedure, which has a direct influence on production on demand. In relation to the study, according to Walter & (2014), poor functioning of SCM system fails to satisfy the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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