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The College of Business at VIP University - Case Study Example

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Choose one approach and provide both a description of how you would implement it in a class of 30 students and an explanation of why this was the best choice of the variety of comparative systems.
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The College of Business at VIP University
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Extract of sample "The College of Business at VIP University"

Performance Appraisal s 27th October Explain the kinds of systems that are available for you to consider. Choose one approach and provide both a description of how you would implement it in a class of 30 students and an explanation of why this was the best choice of the variety of comparative systems.
According to Rao and Krishna (2005), comparative measurement system could be implemented through the following ranking systems; simple rank order, alternative rank order, paired comparison and forced distribution. Simple rank order entails the ranking of students’ performance from the best to worst. The first being ranked position one, and the least performing being ranked 30. In the alternative rank order, the serial alternates between the best and the worst. On the hand, paired comparison identifies each student as a group and compares her/him with every member of the class independently based on a specified criterion. Forced distribution entails the distribution of students’ performance into three categories that are excellent, poor, and bad.
The paired comparison comparative analysis is highly suited to examine the performance of the 30 students. The implementation of the method would first entail listing of the 30 students on a sheet of paper. Thereafter, the first student on the list would be compared with the second student on the list. Student with the better performance rating would be checked. Subsequently, the first student would be compared against all other 29 students, and the process repeated for all students. The student emerging with most checks would be the best performing in the class. The performance information of each student could be obtained from the students themselves, his or her peers, academic results, and personal evaluation by professor. In accordance with Lunenburg and Ornstein (2012) arguments, the paired comparisons are highly suited method of comparative performance measurement since it enables the comparison of each and every student’s performance based on specified qualities. The results from the analysis could further aid in the provision of individual student guidance in relation to the obtained checks.
Lunenburg, F. C., & Ornstein, A. C. (2012). Educational administration: Concepts and practices.
Rao, V. S. P., & Krishna, H. V. (2005). Management: Text and Cases. New Delhi: Excel Books. Read More
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