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Restructuring the General Operating Procedures - Essay Example

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The author concludes that once the hospital continues to do things the same way, no major differences can be expected from the results it has been recording. The focus strategy would come with the advantage of guaranteeing holistic change that looks at several aspects and areas of the institution.  …
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Restructuring the General Operating Procedures
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Extract of sample "Restructuring the General Operating Procedures"

RESTRUCTURING THE GENERAL OPERATING PROCEDURES Lecturer: Restructuring the general operating procedures Raco described themost effective form of change as the one that translates into efficiency and effectiveness, not just for a selected few but all departments within the organization. It is based on this inspiration that the focus generic strategy will be selected to restructure the general operating procedures at the hospital. As far as the institution’s efficiency is concerned, it is expected that the first form of change that the focus strategy will bring about will be changes with the organizational structure. This will be done to ensure that there is a functional structure that groups people with similar abilities and competences taking up defined roles and functions within the organization. It would be noted that as part of focus strategy, the institution will be seeking to offer customized services that meet the unique needs of customers (Sprigings and Allen, 2007). Such customized and focused services can however not come if round pegs are put in square holes. By rightly placing the human resource therefore, it will be possible to improve the institution’s overall efficiency.
What is more, the use of focus generic strategy is expected to bring about and offer financial sustainability as it is to double as a means by which the hospital becomes competitive by gaining the needed competitive advantage to compete with competitor. As the focus strategy comes on board, the organization will no longer be concerned just about customers who come to the institution to do business with it. Rather, it will be expected that the right customers, marketing niche and product lines are found that come directly under the focus of the institution. As a tool for gaining competitive advantage and for that matter financial growth, the focus strategy ensures that most places within the market where competitors have abandoned are areas that are focused on for market expansion (Berkowitz, 2010). By doing this, financial stability can be said to be guaranteed given the fact that those newly identified markets will become a nursery financial outflow for the institution where it can fall on for its future growth.
With all the above said, an important realization is that by bringing on board the focus business strategy, the company will be opening itself up to addressing the needs of stakeholders more directly. This is because as stated earlier, the emphasis of the focused strategy will be to serve customized services. Meanwhile, the hospital has never functioned in isolation but with the joint efforts and collaboration of other stakeholders. What this means is that the hospital’s staff and executives alone cannot succeed with the provision of customized services unless all the other stakeholders play their roles. But to get these stakeholders playing their roles, it will be expected that a very cordial and open-ended and approachable relationship is established with the stakeholders. By so doing, the stakeholders can easily be brought on board as to how they can be part of the new strategy and why should be willing to be part. To conclude therefore, it will be reiterated that once the hospital continues to do things the same way, no major differences can be expected from the results it has been recording. The focus strategy would therefore come with the advantage of guaranteeing holistic change that looks at several aspects and areas of the institution.
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Sprigings N. and Allen C. (2007). “The communities we are regaining but need to lose”, Community, Work and Family Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 322-332 Read More
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