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Global Management - Royal Mail - Essay Example

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Leadership in simple terms can is defined as the capacity to establish, set irection, to influence and align the employees towards achieving a common goal (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). Furthermore, it calls for committing and motivating them to action and taking responsibility for…
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Global Management - Royal Mail
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Extract of sample "Global Management - Royal Mail"

Introduction to Global Management Simon Masuku Inbum Hwang (S00502351) –Intro & Q1 Amev D Q2 Filippo Boscolo (S00705050) –Q3 Janetira Attaskulchai (S00703793) –Q4 & Conclusion
Bibinaz Hamidi (S00607359) –Q5 Summary
Introduction to Global Management
Leadership in simple terms can is defined as the capacity to establish, set irection, to influence and align the employees towards achieving a common goal (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). Furthermore, it calls for committing and motivating them to action and taking responsibility for their performances. Good leadership is imperative to the success of any business and Royal Mail is not an exception to this rule. Royal Mail is perhaps one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom. It enjoys a very rich history that it shares with the Kingdom. Having being established by King Henry around 1516.
During its entire existence, Royal Mail has encountered numerous challenges as it tries to fit it mandate to the twenty-first century, a century where postal services are not in use as they were previously. Royal Mail, with an employee base of more than 160,000 employees was on the verge of being privatized. To do so, it tapped the talents of Moya Greene to its top leadership position of Chief Executive Officer. As a leader, Moya has had prior experience in turning around the fortunes of the Canadian Post. An amazing accomplishment by its standards. The following group assignment looks at the leadership style used by Moya Greene in ensuring success for Royal Mail; the key performance indicators set by the leadership and how Royal Mail benefits from its use; explaining the concept of motivation and how the methods the company uses in motivating its behemoth workforce.
In addition, how the company uses corporate social responsibility, which it terms as important to its long-term value and how it is fundamental to the operationalization and privatisation of the company. Finally, how the company recruits its best information technology employees because of their value in protecting the Royal Mail’s proprietary software, which it values. Leadership is important to Royal Mail and how it intends to achieve all the targets to be discussed further in the assignment.
Q1) Using One of the models below describe the leadership characteristics of The Company’s Chief Executive (remember to state the name of the CEO), remember to support your answer with evidence:
a. Servant
b. Transformational Read More
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Global Management - Royal Mail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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