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Preferred management decision - Logistics of International workers to Mitigate Ebola epidemics - Case Study Example

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One of the most important functions of human resource management practices is making decisions that enhance the welfare of human resources in organisations. Across various industries, human resources are the most important for the success of any business organisation in any…
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Preferred management decision case study - Logistics of International workers to Mitigate Ebola epidemics
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Extract of sample "Preferred management decision - Logistics of International workers to Mitigate Ebola epidemics"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, some parts in West Africa are currently fighting the deadly Ebola virus that has so far resulted in the death of approximately 5,000 people. Many international organisations are sending their workers to help in offering health care services to people affected by these Ebola virus in the countries affected in West Africa (Baas, 2012; Bueche, 2004).
International health care workers are playing an important role in ensuring that people in these regions are isolated to prevent further prevalence of the disease, and those already diagnosed with the virus get necessary medication before they are deeply affected (Parker & International, 2003; Hirschmann, 2007). In sending their workers to these countries, organisations are faced with many considerations before making his important decision in the interest of their workers and people in countries affected by the virus.
This paper examines some of the management decisions that human resources managers in international organisations sending their workers to Ebola infected countries in parts of West Africa. It focuses in the effect that various management decisions over the welfare of its workers are being arrived at.
As pointed, management of workers is an important function of human resource management in any organization (Gilmore, 2009). In this case, the organisation has to put the interest of its workers ahead of its functions. The organisation has to consider its future activities when deciding on the way to manage its workers in the face of the need to take care of people in the Ebola infected country. It is always important that an organisation focus on its future functions before deciding on the strategies to use in the management of its workers.
Faced by the dilemma of sending workers back to the United States and the cost implications, the organisation has to consider some of the following important aspects. First, the health of the workers is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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